Florida State Times

Dear Fellow Seminoles,

After 16 years, 93 issues and thousands of stories about the successes of The Florida State University and its alumni, faculty and students, the Florida State Times has been retired. The February-March 2011 issue was the final one.

When the Florida State Times debuted in May 1995, its lead stories covered the discovery of the subatomic “top quark” by a group that included Florida State physicists, the revelry of the Vatican City Seminole Club, and the installation of a memorial stone in Westminster Abbey to honor former Florida State physics professor Paul A.M. Dirac, the father of modern physics.

Over the years, the news that the Florida State Times reported on did not change: the pinnacles of professional or scholarly achievement by alumni, faculty and students. However, the ways in which people could receive their news did change.

Because of the ever-growing prominence of innovations such as the smart phone and social-networking sites, the Office of University Communications is undertaking an effort to better serve you by rethinking the way it delivers news and features. So as the saying goes, “stay tuned.” In the meantime, to receive the latest Florida State University news, please visit Florida State’s news website.

Jeffery Seay (B.A. ’91, English)
Editor in Chief, 2003-2011