ODL offers daily training opportunities

This message to all faculty and staff has been approved by Dr. Sally McRorie, Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs. To help instructors with remote teaching, the Office of Distance learning (ODL) is providing daily webinars on a variety of topics, from mastering web conferencing to using an online proctoring service to offer […]

Campus IT staff takes front-and-center role in FSU’s transition to remote learning

When Florida State University announced a shift to remote learning for the remainder of the spring semester earlier this month, the news thrust information and technology staff around campus into an unfamiliar place — the spotlight.  Suddenly, tech experts more accustomed to helping newly hired faculty set up their email were now giving crash courses about Zoom to rooms full of professors. It was a role […]

FSU arts faculty get creative to overcome challenges of remote learning

Whether they’re teaching studio art, dance, music or interior architecture and design, Florida State University faculty in the creative disciplines are facing some unique challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic.   When FSU moved to remote learning on March 23, it made most faculty across campus completely rethink their lesson plans. That’s especially true for the arts, where many faculty are reimagining how they normally communicate and teach the best practices of the creative process.   But despite these changes, both faculty and […]

FSU expert available to comment on psychological effects of social isolation during COVID-19 pandemic

Millions of Americans are staying home to “flatten the curve” of coronavirus cases. Among those avoiding other people are many older Americans, whose age puts them at a greater risk of serious complications from a COVID-19 infection. That isolation — for seniors and for everyone else — can bring loneliness and frustration. A Florida State […]

Superfuids may merge via corkscrew mechanism

Scientists at the Florida State University-headquartered National High Magnetic Field Laboratory have made a discovery in fluid dynamics that is truly worth uncorking a bottle of fine wine. Wei Guo, an associate professor of mechanical engineering at the FAMU-FSU College of Engineering, and MagLab graduate research assistant Toshiaki Kanai published a new study in the […]

Spring 2020 Housing and Dining Refunds

This message to all students has been approved by Kyle Clark, Vice President for Finance and Administration.  Dear FSU Community, Thank you for your patience and understanding as Florida State University diligently works to ensure the safety and well-being of the community. We strive to be attentive in addressing your concerns and questions as swiftly as […]

Faculty and Staff Briefs: March 2020

HONORS AND AWARDS Kathleen Blake Yancey, Ph.D. (English) received the James R. Squire Award, which is given to a National Council of Teachers of English member who has had a transforming influence and made a lasting intellectual contribution to the profession. Sonia Cabell, Ph.D. (Education) won the 2020 Robert M. Gagné Research Award for her […]

FSU expert available to discuss moral decision-making and social distancing

In the fight against this new coronavirus, some of the most effective tools are a couch and a television in your own home. Public health officials are asking people to avoid socializing with others to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. That means people often have to make tough decisions about how to respond. It’s this […]

Guidance for supervisors on high-risk employees

This message has been approved by Renisha Gibbs, Associate Vice President for Human Resources and Finance & Administration Chief of Staff, for distribution to all Deans, Directors, and Department Heads. The Governor of Florida has issued Executive Order 20-83 urging all persons over the age of 65 to stay home and take necessary precautions to […]

It’s a family thing: FSU research shows guppies help their brothers when it comes to the opposite sex

When it comes to finding a mate, male guppies rely on their brothers to ward off the competition.   In a new study published by a Florida State University team, researchers found that male Trinidadian guppies observe a form of nepotism when it comes to pursuing the opposite sex. These tiny tropical fish often help their brothers in the mating process […]

FSU launches COVID-19 relief effort to help students

Florida State University officials have launched an emergency fundraising effort aimed at helping students struggling due to financial fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic. The FSU Foundation, the university’s academic fundraising arm, unveiled two emergency funds that are accepting donations — one addressing the needs of those affiliated with FSU in Tallahassee, the other for those […]

FSU professor available to comment on the Black Death and its lessons for COVID-19

The Black Death looms large in the history of infectious disease. The pandemic — an outbreak of bubonic plague which was probably spread predominantly by rats and fleas — struck Italy in 1347. Recent evidence on mortality suggests that in just a few years, the disease killed around 60 percent of the population in Europe, […]