FSU College of Education launches online master’s program in measurement and statistics

The Florida State University College of Education has launched a new online master’s program in measurement and statistics. The program is designed for students and professionals in education and other social science fields who are interested in the quantitative analysis of educational and social data. While the on-campus measurement and statistics program has existed since […]

Five questions with Breanna Myles — FSU first-year student and Miss Teen USA 

For the past six years, Florida State University freshman Breanna Myles has competed in pageants with aspirations of being selected Miss Teen USA. Myles achieved this dream in November after becoming the first woman of African/Latina descent to represent Florida and win the prestigious title. At Florida State, Myles has continued her passion for performing and […]

FSU College of Music professor receives 2021 Music in American Culture Award  

A Florida State University professor has received the 2021 Music in American Culture Award from the American Musicological Society, which recognizes the best writing on music in American culture. Associate Professor of Musicology Sarah Eyerly received the honor for her book, “Moravian Soundscapes: A Sonic History of the Moravian Missions in Early Pennsylvania,” which explores Moravian music in 18th Century America and the sounds that […]

FSU celebrates newest McKnight Doctoral and Dissertation Fellows

This past November, more than 20 Florida State University graduate students from underrepresented populations were honored at the 37th McKnight Annual Fellows Meeting in Tampa for having received the McKnight Doctoral or Dissertation Fellowship. The Florida Education Fund’s (FEF) McKnight Doctoral and Dissertation Fellowship Programs are designed to address the underrepresentation of African American and […]

Seminole Dining at Florida State University launches climate-friendly meal choices through ‘Cool Food Badges’

This spring, Seminole Dining at Florida State University is making it easier for students and the campus community to choose climate-friendly foods through the launch of a new initiative that identifies dishes with a lower carbon footprint. Last October, World Resources Institute (WRI) announced that its Cool Food Meals badge will appear on Aramark menus as part of a 10-university pilot program to encourage sustainable practices. “Florida State University is pleased […]

Florida State researchers identify link that plays a role in regulating neuropsychiatric brain disorders

Florida State University researchers have identified a link between two key parts of the brain that play significant roles in conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease, post-traumatic stress disorder, schizophrenia and depression. Associate Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience Wen Li and psychology doctoral candidate Kevin Clancy found that stimulating the system in the brain that deals […]

Florida State University remembers renowned structural biologist Donald Caspar

Donald Caspar, professor emeritus in Florida State University’s Institute of Molecular Biophysics and a celebrated scientist who spent much of his career studying viruses, died Nov. 27. He was 94. Caspar coined the term “structural biology,” now used by researchers worldwide to describe the field focused on identifying the molecular structures and interactions of biological […]

New interactive planning tool helps FSU students maximize career potential

Florida State University students — and prospective students — now have access to an exciting interactive tool designed to assist students and families in making better-informed decisions about postsecondary educational options in the State University System of Florida. The new online tool — MyFloridaFuture — allows users to explore data that provides useful information about the […]

Challenger Learning Center executive to step down after 20 years of service

Florida A&M University and Florida State University announced today that Michelle Personette, the executive director of Tallahassee’s Challenger Learning Center (CLC), will step down on Feb.  3, 2022. Personette has led the center, which is the K-12 STEM outreach facility of the FAMU-FSU College of Engineering, since 2004. Prior to that, she served as its […]

Researchers find low oxygen and sulfide in the oceans played greater role in ancient mass extinction

Florida State University researchers have new insight into the complicated puzzle of environmental conditions that characterized the Late Ordovician Mass Extinction (LOME), which killed about 85% of the species in the ocean. Their work on the 445-million-year-old mass extinction event was published online in the journal AGU Advances on Monday. “We found that reducing conditions […]

FSU Service Status page revamped with new features

Florida State University’s Information Technology Services (ITS) has revamped the FSU Service Status page with new subscription options and features. The new page, powered by StatusHub, provides real-time updates about the operations of important campus IT services and the status of each common campus application. With these new features, understanding the content of the page is made more user-friendly and mobile compatible. “We are excited for this new interface […]

Researchers find key hormone influences social behavior from areas outside the brain 

Oxytocin’s role in regulating and influencing social behavior is well known. Numerous ongoing clinical trials are focusing on the levels of the hormone in the brain but now a Florida State University research team has found evidence that oxytocin receptors outside of the brain may play an important role in shaping social behavior.  Elizabeth Hammock, […]