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FSU Associate Professor of Sociology Dawn Carr. (FSU Photo/Bruce Palmer)

FSU expert available to comment on psychological effects of social isolation during COVID-19 pandemic

Millions of Americans are staying home to “flatten the curve” of coronavirus cases. Among those avoiding other people are many older Americans, whose age puts them at a greater risk of serious complications from a COVID-19 infection. … Read More

Social distancing is an important tool for reducing the spread of COVID-19. Photo credit: Getty Images

FSU expert available to discuss moral decision-making and social distancing

In the fight against this new coronavirus, some of the most effective tools are a couch and a television in your own home. Public health officials are asking people to avoid socializing with others to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. Tha … Read More

A 14th century depiction of the burial of plague victims at Tournai in present-day Belgium. Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

FSU professor available to comment on the Black Death and its lessons for COVID-19

The Black Death looms large in the history of infectious disease. The pandemic — an outbreak of bubonic plague which was probably spread predominantly by rats and fleas — struck Italy in 1347. Recent evidence on mortality suggests th … Read More

FSU professors available to comment on economic impact of coronavirus

As the coronavirus disease 2019 —or COVID-19— continues to spread, it disrupts world markets, supply chains and entire economies. As of March 5, nearly 100,000 people were confirmed infected and more than 3,000 deaths attributed to the … Read More