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FSU faculty expert discusses Florida's fragile homeowners-insurance market

A recent news report said about 70,000 Florida policyholders will lose their homeowners insurance just as the Atl …

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FSU pediatrician cautions against homemade baby formula

Florida State University pediatrician Mary Norton said she has seen parents pour their last amount of formula into a bottle and tell her, “I have nothing else for my baby.” …

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Video: FSU faculty share expertise for 2022 hurricane season

Florida State University faculty members shared their insights into the 2022 hurricane season, which officially runs from June through November, with members of the news media in a virtual briefing. Associate Professor of Risk Management …

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FSU expert sees Bitcoin as continued alternative investment but no future rival to Visa, Mastercard

Over a decade or so, Bitcoin has grown from a shadowy novelty that sparked questions about the future of money into a blockbuster digital investment that inspires daily financial news headlines. Virtually every day features a new crypto …

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