Expert Topics

Deana Rohlinger Professor of Sociology, Associate Dean for Faculty Development and Community Engagement is available to comment on current protests and provide historical context on protest movements.

FSU expert available to speak on protests and protest movements

 The first pandemic in a century, racial equality, voting rights and police misconduct have sparked spontaneous and planned protests across the nation.  … Read More

Jennifer L. Koslow, associate professor of history

FSU experts available for coverage of 19th Amendment anniversary

After decades of activism and political struggle, the 19th Amendment was adopted 100 years ago this month. The new amendment supplanted state-by-state suffrage laws and gave women across America the right to vote. Florida State Univer … Read More

Munir Humayun, professor of geochemistry at Florida State University.

FSU expert available for context on NASA Perseverance mission

This summer, NASA’s Perseverance rover mission will begin its exploration of Mars, gathering valuable data that will help scientists understand our neighboring planet. Once on Mars, the rover will search for signs of ancient microscopi … Read More

Angela Knapp, associate professor of chemical oceanography

FSU experts available to comment on geochemical effects of Saharan dust cloud

More dust from the Sahara Desert is forecast to come to the United States this week. The massive dust plume known as the Saharan Air Layer has a myriad of effects on air quality, fertilizing ecosystems and more. Florida State University … Read More