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Meredith Rhoads Thomas, assistant professor, Department of Marketing

Experts ready to offer insights on Black Friday during COVID-19

This year, Black Friday figures to be like none that have come before it. A national pandemic, widespread economic distress and a tumultuous election season have combined to leave American retailers and consumers … Read More

Zucai Suo, Eminent Professor and Dorian and John Blackmon Chair in Biomedical Science, Florida State University Department of Biomedical Sciences.

FSU expert available to discuss COVID-19 vaccine development

There may be good news on the horizon regarding a COVID-19 vaccine. Pfizer and partner BioNTech reported that their trial vaccine appears to have a 90 percent efficacy rate, meaning that test subjects who received a vaccine experienced 9 … Read More

Jeff Chanton, Robert O. Lawton Distinguished Professor and John Widmer Winchester Professor of Oceanography, Department of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Science. (FSU Photography Services)

FSU experts available to comment on United States leaving the Paris Agreement

Carbon emissions and climate change are key issues in this presidential election. Regardless of who voters choose as the country’s next president, the United States is scheduled to leave the Paris Agreement — an international accord … Read More

Aline Kalbian, chair of the FSU Department of Religion

Expert available to speak on Pope Francis’ endorsement of same-sex civil unions

Pope Francis made international headlines this week when he endorsed same-sex civil unions in an interview for the feature-length documentary "Francesco." Aline Kalbian, chair of the FSU Depar … Read More