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Florida State University News

The Official News Source of Florida State University

News Contacts

The News and Research Communications office has a staff that is dedicated to distributing university news, assisting reporters with information and providing faculty experts.

Dennis Schnittker
Director of University News and Digital Communications
(850) 644-1360

Amy Farnum-Patronis
Assistant Director
Online News Editor/Media Relations
(850) 645-1294

Kara Irby
News Writer
(850) 644-0277

Dave Heller
News Writer
(850) 644-2065

Jill Elish
Associate Director
Executive Speech Writer
(850) 644-8345

Kathleen Haughney
Assistant Director
Research Communications
(850) 644-1489

Susan Hansen
News Writer
(850) 644-4030

Zachary Boehm
Research Writer
(850) 645-1504