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From the atmospheric disturbances that generate them to the insurance market that helps in their aftermath, there is much to understand about hurricanes. Florida State University faculty are world leaders in the study of these destructive storms and solutions for mitigating their impacts.

FSU faculty members are available to answer media questions and provide perspective for news stories throughout the hurricane season and beyond.

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A close call: How FSU weathered historic Hurricane Idalia

Published: | 7:36 PM

Let’s set the scene: Nearly 6,000 Florida State University students have just finished moving into their campus residences and more than 43,000 students in Tallahassee are excited to kick off a new school year. But, as fate would have it, Hurricane Idalia makes an uninvited appearance, disrupting everyone's plans.  Idalia, […]

El Niño and record warm ocean temperatures: FSU climatologist offers insight on what they mean for hurricanes

Published: | 12:52 PM

Record-breaking high temperatures in the Atlantic Ocean combined with El Niño spell uncertainty for the Atlantic hurricane season.  El Niño, known to reduce hurricane activity in the Atlantic basin, developed early this summer.   With the conflicting factors of El Nino in the Pacific leading to fewer hurricanes and warm Atlantic […]

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