FSU Student Star

Nicholas Seier

Senior Nicholas Seier first discovered his love of playing the saxophone in middle school, and that revelation has led him on an intriguing and gratifying path through Florida State University toward his career goal of becoming a music educator. Seier, an instrumental music education major from Orlando, appreciates the positive influence that a good teacher […]

Jessica Bachansingh

When senior Jessica Bachansingh graduates from Florida State University this week, she will not only earn a bachelor’s degree in retail entrepreneurship. She will also leave college as the creator and owner of a successful nonprofit business that empowers women internationally. “I chose Florida State because I wanted to study fashion, and FSU was the […]

Antonio Goodman

Antonio Goodman has taken advantage of some phenomenal opportunities as a mechanical engineering student at Florida State University. He’s helped build a robot that could run; he has interned at Lockheed Martin and created 3D parts for fighter planes; and he’s worked on aircraft engines for aerospace manufacturer Pratt & Whitney. Along the way, Goodman […]

Morgan Bradley

A single conversation with a trusted Florida State University adviser changed everything for Morgan Bradley, now a senior majoring in Interdisciplinary Medical Sciences. That meeting prompted Bradley to enroll in the IMS program, the first-of-its-kind in the nation, with the goal of becoming a doctor. She immediately felt good about the choice because it gave […]

Angela Tavolieri

Senior Angela Tavolieri is proudly carrying on her family’s Florida State tradition. The biochemistry major from Fleming Island said she always had a feeling she would attend FSU because both of her parents are alumni. “I considered FSU a piece of my childhood because we went to football games and spent time on campus,” Tavolieri […]

Christopher Reis

Senior Christopher Reis grew up on the island of Trinidad and Tobago in the Caribbean, where he formed some lasting idyllic memories of the twin-island country. One of his fondest memories has become a motivating factor in his pursuit of a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering at Florida State University. Reis recalls how the ocean […]

Scarlett Roy

Scarlett Roy’s love of music was a key reason why she decided to attend Florida State University, and that astute choice helped her discover her career passion. Roy, a senior biology major, got her first taste of life in Florida when she moved here from Virginia as a teenager. The idea of enrolling at FSU excited […]

Nathen Mergen

Nathen Mergen is a second-year student at Florida State University whose world travels have given him a global perspective that inspires his devotion to local needs. Mergen was born in St. Cloud, Minnesota, but grew up in many cities thanks to his father’s far-reaching assignments as a U.S. Marine. Mergen attended two high schools — one in […]

Sarah Dodamead

Florida State University senior Sarah Dodamead has always loved science, nature and marine life, and it’s easy to see why. She grew up in the Florida Keys and spent much of her childhood sailing around the Caribbean with her parents, who were expert mariners and scuba divers. Through that experience, Dodamead witnessed the effects of […]