FSU Student Star

Guissella E. Cruz Rodriguez 

Florida State University Department of Sociology graduate Guissella E. Cruz Rodriguez found FSU’s location in the state’s capital city the ideal backdrop for her interest in service, social justice and law. Inspired by her own experience as a survivor of sexual violence, Cruz Rodriguez is dedicating her life to helping those in need. “I want […]

Kayla Duncan

In her junior year of high school, music therapy senior Kayla Duncan researched potential majors, hoping to find an option that combined her love of music with her interests in psychology. She saw the Florida State University Music Therapy Program as an opportunity to learn from some of the field’s most influential professionals. “As soon […]

Saejin Albright

Choosing what to major in can be a difficult and overwhelming decision for many students, but as Florida State University junior Saejin Albright learned four years ago, it can also mean the beginning of a new and exciting future. After spending most of her life playing the violin, Albright thought majoring in Music Therapy was […]

Ni’A Landon

Motivated by her passion for servant leadership, Florida State University senior Ni’A Landon’s college career has centered on making campus a more inclusive and equitable environment for students of color. A public relations major with a minor in business and multicultural marketing communications, Landon has used her education and professional experience within the advertising industry to lead diversity panels within FSU’s School of Communication to […]

Sathvik Bilakanti

When Florida State University junior Sathvik Bilakanti was 10 years old, he developed an eye condition that impaired his vision. Without an accurate diagnosis, Bilakanti felt isolated and overwhelmed by his new reality. However, amid learning to overcome adversity, a passion for helping others with similar eye conditions grew. “After developing my eye condition, I struggled […]

Aoife Trotter

Growing up, Florida State University junior Aoife Trotter always knew she wanted to pursue a career focused on helping others. At FSU, Trotter’s study of psychology sparked her interest in addressing the effects of sexual assault on mental health and its impact on marginalized communities. To learn more about the emotional and psychological reactions victims […]

Christelle Bucag

Growing up in the Philippines, Florida State University junior Christelle Bucag was suddenly uprooted when her mother was hired as a nurse at Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare, and they moved to Tallahassee in 2016. “As a recent first-generation immigrant, it was hard to insert myself in the culture and way of life here in the United States,” Bucag said. “It […]

Jared Barrett

“Integrity first, service before self and excellence in all we do,” are the core values of the United States Air Force. The words also guide Florida State University student veteran Jared Barrett’s work as he seeks to serve both the Air Force Reserve and his fellow veterans on campus. For Barrett, that effort starts by ensuring veterans […]

Emma Davis

For as long as Emma Davis can remember, she wanted to go to Florida State University.    “When I came to FSU in high school to interview for the Presidential Scholars Program, it confirmed this was a place where I could spend four years learning and growing — not just as a student, but as an […]

Jenevieve Norton

The first time Jenevieve Norton visited the Florida State University campus, she felt an immediate connection. “I chose to attend FSU because of the academic and research opportunities available here,” she said. “I also believed I could build strong social and professional connections.” Norton’s motivation comes from her family — education has always been highly […]

Matthew Forrest

Like so many of us, Tallahassee native Matthew Forrest was unclear about his career goals when he first came to Florida State University. After one semester, he left school and began to work full-time, eventually earning an associate degree in graphic design. Ten years later, he is completing his BFA in studio art within the College of Fine Arts. “As a […]

John Sutor

John Sutor was a junior in high school when he first visited Florida State University as a participant in the Young Scholars Program, a six-week residential science and mathematics summer program for Florida high school students with significant potential for careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). Captivated by the beautiful campus and intrigued by the […]