FSU Student Star

Shaheed Perez

Published: | 11:36 am

Shaheed Perez’s journey at Florida State University has been shaped by a deep passion for physics and a commitment to […]

Katharine Thomas 

Published: | 1:59 pm

Katharine Thomas chose to attend Florida State University for its wealth of involvement opportunities and dedication to a liberal arts […]

Shanaya Jaitly

Published: | 12:23 pm

Choosing to attend Florida State University was a natural decision for Shanaya Jaitly, motivated by a lifelong devotion as a […]

Chloe Wain

Published: | 2:25 pm

A triple major in political science, English and economics, Chloe Wain chose to attend Florida State University for the variety […]

Sarah Brophy

Published: | 11:30 am

Ever since she was a child, Sarah Brophy and her family have been involved with organizations that highlight the difference […]

Andy Mills

Published: | 12:20 pm

With passion for written and visual mediums, Andy Mills felt it was essential to attend a university that supported its […]

Connor Krassel

Published: | 12:10 pm

Finding a welcoming campus community was a high priority for sophomore Connor Krassel. After touring Florida State University and learning […]

Katie Jo Gelasco

Published: | 1:17 pm

With a lifelong love for playing the cello, Katie Jo Gelasco felt that settling for a mediocre music program was […]

Ansley Bilyeu

Published: | 2:52 pm

During her time at Florida State University, recent alumna Ansley Bilyeu’s passion for human rights led her to numerous leadership, […]

Zachary Murzyn

Published: | 10:48 am

As a native of Panama City, Zachary Murzyn didn’t need to travel far to attend his first-choice college. Florida State […]