FSU Student Star

Logan Love

Logan Love arrived at Florida State University without knowing anyone on campus. Three years later, the first-generation college student has managed to forge his own path at Florida State, while collecting an abundance of impressive accomplishments. Love, now a senior, grew up seeing FSU stickers and license plates on cars where he grew up in […]

Moira Conley

Senior Moira Conley came to Florida State University knowing she wanted to earn a degree in music. She didn’t know, however, that she would leave FSU four years later with a commission as a Second Lieutenant for the United States Air Force in addition to her dual degree in Environment & Society and Music. Conley, […]

Jalicia Lewis

Senior Jalicia Lewis has spent her time at Florida State University advocating for victims of injustice on and off campus. Initially attracted to Florida State because of its advantageous location in the state capital, the double major in political science and public relations knew FSU would be able to provide her with the opportunities necessary […]

Essence Duncan

A first-generation student at Florida State University, Essence Duncan was raised without any expectations of going to college. Now a senior, she couldn’t imagine her life without the experience of higher education. Duncan had plans to follow in the footsteps of her parents and join the military immediately following high school. Then, she discovered Florida […]

Charlotte Wollermann

Senior Charlotte Wollermann has used her time at Florida State University to further her professional ambitions while giving back to her hometown of Tallahassee in the process. Wollermann was attracted to Florida State because of its student-centered culture and atmosphere to foster growth and learning. At Florida State, she’s had the opportunity to develop the […]

Isiah Parfait

Senior Isiah Parfait is pursuing an ambitious vision to empower people around the world through entrepreneurship, and he’s taking significant steps at Florida State University to turn that dream into reality. Parfait’s personal journey is a testament to his perseverance, creativity and ingenuity. Over the past decade, he has faced tough challenges as his family […]

Ellen Cecil-Lemkin

Florida State University doctoral candidate Ellen Cecil-Lemkin is on a mission to make sure current and future generations of students have a better chance of succeeding in college because of her own journey navigating higher education with a disability. Cecil-Lemkin, who’s working toward a doctorate in English with a specialization in rhetoric and composition, serves […]

Brooke Garringer

Florida State University retail entrepreneurship honor student Brooke Garringer has distinguished herself as an exceptional student, creative laboratory researcher, leader in the FSU Flying High Circus and acrobatics coach for children. Fresh off graduation in summer 2019, Garringer is looking ahead to grad school and a career in the retail industry, but she’s also reflecting […]