Experts: Arts + Humanities

Jessica Clark

Associate Professor of Classics

Clark is an associate professor in the Department of Classics. She focuses on the history and historiography of the Roman Republic, with a particular interest in the third and second centuries B.C.E. Her research interests also include Latin epic poetry, Roman military history and women and gender in the ancient world.

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John Corrigan

Lucius Moody Bristol Distinguished Professor of Religion, Professor of History, Distinguished Research Professor

Corrigan is an expert on religion in America and religious violence, including how American religion has changed in a post-Sept. 11 environment.

(850) 644-8094 or (850) 459-2216

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Nancy Gerber

Specialized Teaching Faculty, Art Therapy Program, Florida State University

Dr. Nancy Gerber currently works as teaching faculty at Florida State University in the Art Therapy Program; and, is an Associate Clinical Professor Emerita from Drexel University.  Dr. Gerber has been a practicing art psychotherapist, educator, researcher, and innovator for the past 40+ years.  Her expertise spans clinical, academic, and research domains.  As a   clinician for over 22 years, her expertise has been in using art psychotherapy to help adolescents and adults facing psychological challenges and trauma.  More recently, Dr. Gerber’s expertise has been in higher education and specifically doctoral education. She created, developed, and directed one of the first doctoral programs in Creative Arts Therapies while also directing and teaching a master’s degree program in art therapy.

Alongside her commitment to doctoral education is her research expertise in the areas of arts-based research and mixed methods research. Aligned with her interest and expertise in ABR, she co-founded the Arts-Based Research (ABR) Global Consortium. The ABR Global Consortium is a group of global arts-based research scholars who are working towards increasing the visibility, accessibility, valuation and aesthetic impact of research that can elucidate and communicate major global issues through aesthetically powerful socially engaged arts-based investigation and dissemination.  The ABR Global Consortium is currently embarking upon its first global research project: Sustaining Life on Earth: Arts-based responses to the lived experience of COVID-19.

Gerber, N., Biffi, E., Biondo, J., Gemignani, M., Hannes, K., & Siegesmund, R. (2020). Arts-Based Research in the Social and Health Sciences: Pushing for Change with an Interdisciplinary Global Arts-Based Research Initiative. Forum Qualitative Sozialforschung / Forum: Qualitative Social Research, 21(2),

Gerber, N., Kapitan, L.,Gussak, D., Forinash, M., Kaimal, G., & LaCivita, J. (2020). Doctoral Education in Art Therapy: Current Trends and Future Directions.  Art Therapy: Journal of the American Art Therapy Association. DOI:10.1080/07421656.2020.1761735

Gerber, N., Bryl, K., Potvin, N., & Blank, C. A. (2018). Arts-based research approaches to studying mechanisms of change and transformation in the Creative Arts Therapies [Special issue].Frontiers in Psychology Special Issue:  The state of the art in Creative Arts Therapies


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Eliza Ladd

Associate in Teaching Professor - Movement and Dance, FSU / Asolo Conservatory

Eliza Ladd is a performer, director, stage writer, composer, and choreographer from NYC. She is currently Associate Professor of Movement and Dance at the FSU/Asolo Conservatory for Actor Training MFA. Ladd holds a BA in Comparative Religion from Harvard University and an MFA in Theater: Contemporary Performance from Naropa University.

Ladd is available to comment on contemporary theater practices, interdisciplinary devised theater, making art in the pandemic, crossroads of social issues and theater/dance-making process, interconnections between play, creative practice, social transformation and justice, contemplative arts, women in the performing arts and actor training and spiritual practice.

Gravity and Levity Observer article April 30, 2021

Panel Presentations at ATHE (Association of Theater in Higher Education)

ATHE 2021:

*Re-Evaluating Teaching Theatre – What Still Holds True in a Pandemic?

This panel investigates the potential benefits and discoveries of instructing and creating theatre in online, hybrid, and modified forms amidst Covid-19.

ATHE 2020:

*Human Beings in Motion: Presence, Connection and Communion  and

*Tools for Creating Site Specific Theater: A Dialogue with Space and Substance

ATHE 2019:

*Cultivating Wellness in the Classroom: Working with the Fluctuating Transitional Nature in Student Mental Health – This workshop explores the physical practices of Barbara Dilley as a means to address the rising levels of stress and anxiety amongst students

*Exploring, Creating, Representing: The Diverse Performing Body –A workshop for performers and movement teachers to explore approaches to binary and non-binary gendered movement in live performance

ATHE 2018

*Millennial Panel: The Way of the Dinosaurs and Why People Love it — The Transformative Process of Movement Theater:  How play and exploration liberate us from minimized linear screen-based engagement and cultivate a multi-dimensional embodied presence willing to risk and feel.  


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Meredith Lynn

Assistant Professor of Art and the curator of the Museum of Fine Arts

As the recipient of numerous state and national grants and a reviewer for multiple public and private donors, Meredith Lynn has expertise in public funding for the arts and related policy.


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Jill Pable

Professor and Chair of Interior Architecture and Design

Pable is an expert on the design of healthy built spaces that serve homeless persons such as shelters, permanent supportive and transitional housing types.

(850) 644-8326

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Lorenzo Pericolo

Vincent V. and Agatha Thursby Professor and Department Chair

Dr. Pericolo is an international expert in Renaissance and baroque art, particularly that of Italy, Spain and France. Dr. Pericolo has authored and edited dozens of publications in his field and is considered a leading scholar on Caravaggio, having mononymously published a book on the Italian painter in 2011: Caravaggio and Pictorial Narrative: Dislocating the Istoria in Early Modern Painting.

Pericolo is fluent in English, Italian, Spanish and French.


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Kurt Piehler

Director, Institute on World War II and the Human Experience

G. Kurt Piehler is a World War II scholar who directs the Institute on World War II and the Human Experience at Florida State. As founding director of the Rutgers Oral History Archives, he conducted more than 200 interviews with veterans of World War II. His televised lecture, “The War That Transformed a Generation” which drew on the Rutgers Oral History Archives, appeared on the History Channel in 1997.

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Diane Roberts

Professor of English, University Alumni Distinguished Writer

Diane Roberts is a professor of English. She specializes in Southern culture and is an author, columnist, essayist, radio commentator and reviewer. She earned her doctorate at Oxford University.

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Robert Romanchuk

Pribic Family Associate Professor of Slavic

Romanchuk is a Slavist, with interests ranging from the middle ages to the present, the peoples of former Yugoslavia to those of the former USSR, and philology to psychoanalysis. Among other topics, he has lectured on Ukrainian culture in various periods (including the contemporary), and has published on Ukrainian and Russian cross-cultural perceptions and on Ukrainian culture in periods of revolution.

(850) 644-8198

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George Williamson

Associate Professor of History

Williamson’s expertise is on modern Europe, particularly German cultural and intellectual history. His research interests also include religious history and other aspects of European history from 1750 to present. He is an award-winning author with work published in the Journal of Modern History and the “Oxford Handbook of Modern German History.”

(850) 644-9525

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