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Lance DeHaven-Smith

Professor Emeritus

DeHaven-Smith is an expert on demographic and partisan trends and voting behavior in Florida, as well as crime/issues that leave election outcomes in doubt.

(850) 567-8636 or (850) 878-9808
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James Gwartney

Gwartney can discuss the kinds of macroeconomic issues that are typically discussed in election years, such as taxes, budget deficits, monetary policy and unemployment.

(850) 644-7645
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Randall G Holcombe

DeVoe L. Moore Professor of Economics

Holcombe is an expert on the effect of government activity on economic growth.

(850) 644-7095
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Davis Houck


Houck is FSU’s Fannie Lou Hamer Professor of Rhetorical Studies in the College of Communication and Information. Houck, who earned a doctorate in communication at Penn State University, offers expertise on political advertising, speech-making and news coverage. He’s also an expert on the American civil rights movement, war rhetoric, propaganda and media campaigns.

Houck is one of the nation’s leading experts on Emmett Till, whose 1955 murder in the Mississippi Delta helped launch the civil rights movement. Houck helped create and lead the Emmett Till Memory Project, which developed a 21st-century digital historical record of the people, places and episodes associated with Till’s murder and legacy. Houck coauthored “Emmett Till and the Mississippi Press” with Matthew A. Grindy.

Houck is collaborating with FSU Libraries’ Division of Special Collections and Archives to continue to build the only existing Emmett Till Archive. The archive will house several collections from leading scholars, filmmakers, historians and activists, many of which will be digitized to share with a global audience.

(850) 980-2656
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Mark Isaac

Quinn Eminent Scholar Professor

Isaac is an expert on the national economy as it relates to energy policy and government regulation.

(850) 644-7081
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Milton H Marquis

Professor of Economics

Marquis, who served the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco as Research Department senior economist from 2000 to 2003 and as visiting scholar in 2005-2006 and 2009, can discuss national economic issues, including monetary theory and policy, and macroeconomic theory, which relates to taxes and budget deficits.

(850) 645-1526
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Matthew Pietryka

Assistant Professor Matt Pietryka

Pietryka’s research focuses on understanding how the social and political contexts of life influence the political attitudes and behavior of individuals. In particular, he studies how political discussion with friends and family can affect individual political behavior.

(530) 574-6175
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Carol Weissert

LeRoy Collins Eminent Scholar Chair and Professor of Political Science

Weissert teaches American national and state politics. Her research interests include Florida politics, elections, intergovernmental relations, federalism and health policy.

(850) 644-7320 or (850) 297-0111
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