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Davis Houck

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Houck’s expertise is on political advertising, news coverage and speech making. He is also an expert on the American civil rights movement, war rhetoric, propaganda and media campaigns.

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Phone: (850) 644-1607
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Civil Rights

As the political legacy of martyred president John F. Kennedy, the Civil Rights Act of 1964 profoundly altered the legal landscape of American race relations.
The public accommodations provisions, in particular, codified the death of Jim Crow in countless economic contexts. The landmark act took all of Lyndon Johnson’s political skill as he deftly navigated it through the intransigence of the Southern filibuster and the loud opposition of Southern senators such as Strom Thurmond and James Eastland. Arguably, the act re-made America away from the feudalism of caste and class to a nation intent on redeeming and updating its founding promises.


“The 2016 presidential election promises to be a media spectacle unlike the country has ever experienced. Already the nation’s collective attention has attached itself to two vastly different candidates with widely divergent rhetorical styles."