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Mark Bourassa

Bourassa’s expertise is in the transfer of energy and momentum between the ocean and the atmosphere, surface water waves and the identification of tropical disturbances, and possible precursors to tropical cyclones. Recent work has involved remotely sensed estimates of the energy released in storms, as water vapor is converted to precipitation.


(850) 644-6923 or 850-645-4788
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Jeff Chanton

Robert O. Lawton Distinguished Professor

Chanton is an acclaimed climate scientist who has done extensive work examining the causes of increased methane gas in the atmosphere.  He also has investigated the effects of the BP oil spill, including how methane-derived carbon from the spill entered the food web and how much sank to the ocean floor and mixed with sediment.

(850) 644-7493
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Felicia Coleman

Director of the FSU Coastal and Marine Laboratory

Coleman is an expert in marine ecology, fisheries science, and the ecological consequences of the oil spill for coastal habitats, organisms and fishing communities.

(850) 697-4120
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Dmitry Dukhovskoy

Dukhovskoy’s expertise focuses on modeling ocean dynamics, storm surges, air-sea interaction, waves and tides.

(850) 644-1168
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James Elsner

Earl & Sofia Shaw Professor

Elsner is an expert on climate and weather, and in developing statistical models for predicting severe weather activity such as hurricanes and tornadoes. He is a widely sought out by reporters during hurricane season to provide context to stories about large tropical storms. He has authored more than 150 research articles and three books.

(850) 566-3800
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Mariana Fuentes

Assistant Professor

Fuentes is a marine conservation biologist, with expertise in conservation planning, natural resource management, and on anthropogenic and climate change impacts on marine mega-fauna, especially marine turtles.

(850) 644-1118
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R. Dean Grubbs

Associate Director of Research of the FSU Coastal and Marine Laboratory

Grubbs is an expert in marine biology, fish ecology and fisheries science, with particular expertise in the biology of coastal and deep sea sharks and their relatives.

(850) 697-2067
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Robert Hart

Hart’s research focuses on hurricane predictability, both track and intensity; the role of hurricanes in climate; and the impact of hurricanes on the higher latitudes.

(850) 645-1552
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Mark Isaac

Quinn Eminent Scholar Professor

Isaac is an expert on the national economy as it relates to energy policy and government regulation.

(850) 644-7081
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Steve Kish

Kish has special expertise in remote sensing and geographic information systems.

(850) 644-2064
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Vasu Misra

Misra studies climate variability and predictability. He and his colleagues at the Center for Ocean-Atmospheric Prediction Studies developed a new metric called Track Integrated Kinetic Energy (TIKE) to measure seasonal Atlantic tropical cyclone activity. The metric focuses on the size of storms in addition to the duration and intensity, a measure that may prove important when considering a hurricane’s potential for death and destruction. He also is developing novel modeling projection strategies specifically aimed at developing tropical storm forecasts for Florida.

(850) 645-8859
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Robert Spencer

Associate Professor

Robert Spencer is an assistant professor of oceanography at Florida State University and travels around the world conducting research on our natural resources to gauge the effects of climate change. He is an expert on climate change, the carbon cycle, dissolved organic matter, and the environments of the Arctic and the tropics.

(850) 644-9205
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James F Tull

Tull is an expert in structural geology (the architecture of the earth’s faults), global tectonics and fault systems.

(850) 644-1448 or (850) 668-8992
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Hannah Wiseman


Wiseman is an expert on the role of regulation in protecting the character of living spaces and environmental quality, including regulations surrounding fracking, oil and gas and energy.

(850) 645-0073
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