Experiential Learning

Collin Goldstein

Florida State University senior Collin Goldstein is studying Interdisciplinary Medical Sciences with a desire to help his community and a dream to become a doctor. Born and raised in Palm City, Florida, Goldstein got his first taste of Florida State as a high school student when he attended the College of Medicine’s summer medical institute. […]

Gabriel Gomes

Florida State University graduate student Gabriel Gomes has traveled a long way to earn a doctorate in chemistry. Born and raised in the countryside of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Gomes attended the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. That’s where he discovered his love of chemistry. “I started doing computational organic chemistry in 2008,” Gomes […]

David Advent

FSU senior David Advent is challenging the way people think about research as he follows his passion for English and teaching.    Advent was born and raised in Boiling Springs, North Carolina, a small town of less than 5,000 people about an hour west of Charlotte. When he was deciding where to attend college, Advent knew Florida was a long way […]

Mishya Otis

Mishya Otis is a third-year graduate student at Florida State University pursuing a doctorate in nursing practice and following her passion for dermatology. Otis, a native of Sarasota, earned a bachelor’s degree in nursing at the University of South Florida in Tampa. Following graduation, Otis decided to continue her education and work toward a more impactful job […]

Sarah Dodamead

Florida State University senior Sarah Dodamead has always loved science, nature and marine life, and it’s easy to see why. She grew up in the Florida Keys and spent much of her childhood sailing around the Caribbean with her parents, who were expert mariners and scuba divers. Through that experience, Dodamead witnessed the effects of […]

Ivonne Mendieta

Florida State University senior Ivonne Mendieta has combined two unlikely subjects — biological science and religion — to foster a college experience that reflects her goal of becoming a physician. Mendieta’s relationship with religion began at a young age. She grew up around her family practicing different versions of Christianity and Catholicism while alternating living […]