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Climate change

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Jeff Chanton

Chanton is an expert on the fate of the oil that spilled into the Gulf of Mexico and is investigating whether the oil is ending up in the sediments and or if it is being taken up by marine animals.

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Vasu Misra

Misra studies climate variability and predictability. He and his colleagues at the Center for Ocean-Atmospheric Prediction Studies developed a new metric called Track Integrated Kinetic Energy (TIKE) to measure seasonal Atlantic tropical cyclone activity. The metric focuses on the size of storms in addition to the duration and intensity, a measure that may prove important when considering a hurricane’s potential for death and destruction.

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Robert Spencer

Assistant Professor

Robert Spencer is an assistant professor of oceanography at Florida State University and travels around the world conducting research on our natural resources to gauge the effects of climate change.

He is an expert on climate change, the carbon cycle, dissolved organic matter, and the environments of the Arctic and the tropics.

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