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FSU law prof says Mississippi River still polluted, 35 years after Clean Water Act

Thirty-five years after Congress enacted the Clean Water Act, America’s most storied river—the Mississippi—is still not safe for swimming or fishing, according to a National Research Council committee that included a Florida State University law professor. Robin Kundis Craig served on the NRC’s 13-member Committee on the Clean Water Act and the Mississippi River, which […]

Workplace woe: Are abusive bosses or inferior employees to blame?

Considerable attention, both in blogs and in popular media, has been given to abusive bosses over the past few years. (See the Web sites and, for example.) Less discussed are employees’ responses to such behavior. How do employees react to abusive supervisors? Do they simply take what is dished out, or do they […]

FSU law grads earn top passing rate on Florida Bar exam

Florida State University College of Law graduates ranked first in the state on the July 2007 administration of the Florida Bar exam. For three of the last four administrations of the exam, FSU graduates have been first in the state. FSU grads taking the July 2007 General Bar Examination test for the first time passed […]

When criminal label closes doors, felons more likely to re-offend

A convicted felon sentenced to probation for a violent, property or drug felony is more likely to re-offend within two years if he or she leaves court with an official "convicted felon" label and its barriers to employment and civil rights, according to a landmark study of nearly 96,000 probationers by Florida State University criminologists. […]

Working hard or hardly working? FSU researcher studies effects of job simplification on productivity

Outsourcing. Offshoring. Compartmentalizing. More than corporate buzzwords, these trends are redefining the nature of work for millions of Americans, as well as their counterparts all over the world. But what are the ramifications of these trends for the people who actually do the work? That’s a question that Stephen E. Humphrey, an assistant professor of […]

FSU law, medical colleges ranked in top 10 for Hispanic students

Florida State University’s colleges of law and medicine are among the best in the nation for Hispanics, according to Hispanic Business magazine. The rankings appear in the September issue. For the second year in a row, the magazine has named the FSU College of Law the sixth best in the nation in its annual rankings. […]

FSU’s College of Business shines in undergraduate rankings

The risk management and insurance program in Florida State University’s College of Business took the fourth spot among all public institutions in the United States, moving up three places in U.S. News and World Report’s recently released "America’s Best Colleges 2008" undergraduate rankings. The U.S. News list also ranked FSU’s undergraduate real estate program at […]

FSU political science department among nation’s best for doctorates

Florida State University’s political science department has been graduating top-notch doctoral students for years, and now a study by researchers at Princeton and Harvard has confirmed it. FSU’s department has been ranked 22nd among all U.S. universities and 8th among public universities based on the success of its Ph.D. graduates in the academic job market. […]

FSU researcher: Certifying financial reports adds no new value

As U.S. companies continue to wrestle with the implications of the federal Sarbanes-Oxley Act, a Florida State University researcher has provided evidence that certifying financial statements doesn’t sway investors. "The market had already sorted out which were good or bad," Bruce Haslem, an assistant professor of finance at FSU, said about his research determining whether […]

Higher gas prices leave many workers running on empty

Few have been unaffected by the rapidly increasing price of gas, which has inched its way up toward $4 a gallon in some parts of the United States. And consumers aren’t feeling those effects just in their wallets, a Florida State University professor has found. Research conducted by Wayne Hochwarter, a professor of management in […]

Don’t let unhappy customers stew, FSU professor says

In the business world, it’s a fact of life that companies sometimes let their customers down. Whether the letdown is minor—such as forgetting to provide silverware at a restaurant—or major, such as making airline passengers sit on a stuffy plane for 10 hours during bad weather—all companies have a vested interest in addressing such "performance […]

FSU College of Law continues to rise in U.S. News rankings

The new U.S. News & World Report graduate and law school rankings are out, and the Florida State University College of Law has moved up in several key areas. The law school’s environmental law program now is ranked 12th in the nation (up from 14th) and, for the first time ever, the tax law program […]