Faculty and Staff Briefs: August 2020


Michelle Whyman, Ph.D. (Political Science) and co-authors won the 2020 Fenno Prize for best book in the area of legislative studies, The Great Broadening: How the Vast Expansion of the Policymaking Agenda Transformed American Politics. The American Political Science Association will present the award during its virtual meeting in September. 

Dave R. King, Ph.D. (College of Business) was recognized as the 2019 Reviewer of the Year by Journal of Management Studies. 


Subramanian Ramakrishnan, Ph.D. (FAMU-FSU College of Engineering) was recently awarded a new U.S. Army grant of $656,719 for the project “Towards Light-Weight Composites for Defense Applications: Engineering Structure Dynamics and Rheological Properties of Functional Inks.”

Jenny Root, Ph.D. (College of Education) is a co-investigator on the project “Care-giver Assisted Virtual Math Instruction for Secondary Students with Autism, which received an AERA Division K (Re)envisioning Teaching and Teacher Education in the Shadow of COVID-19 grant. The seed grant aims to promote research on COVID-19-related research projects, particularly on how the pandemic has impacted families, P-12 schools, teacher education programs and specific communities, as well as looking at new ways to enact teaching and teacher education. 


Daniel Fay, Ph.D. (Askew School of Public Administration and Policy) and co-authors published the article Intersectionality and Equity: Dynamic Bureaucratic Representation in Higher Education” in the journal Public Administration. 

Jessica Bahorski, Ph.D. (College of Nursing) co-authored the article “Associations Among Maternal Adiposity, Insulin and Adipokines in Circulation and Human Milk,” recently accepted for publication in the Journal of Human Lactation. 

Shanna R. Daniels, Ph.D., Samantha Paustian-Underdahl, Ph.D. and Pamela Perrewé, Ph.D. (College of Business) co-authored “Examining the Effects of Perceived Pregnancy Discrimination on Mother and Baby Health,” which was accepted for publication in the Journal of Applied Psychology. 

Jack Fiorito, Ph.D. (College of Business) and Irene Padavic, Ph.D. (Department of Sociology) had their article “What DWorkers and the Public Want? Unions’ Social Value” accepted for publication in the ILR Review. 

Carla Laroche, J.D. (Law), authored an op-ed for the Tampa Bay Times titled Black Women’s Voting Rights Silenced Yet Again. 

Jessi Halligan, Ph.D. (Department of Anthropology) coauthored and published the book, “Our Blue Planet: An Introduction to Maritime and Underwater Archaeology,” with Oxford University Press.  

Matthew Goff, Ph.D. (Department of Religion) co-edited “The Wiley Blackwell Companion to Wisdom Literature,” an introduction to the texts, themes and receptions of the wisdom literature of the Bible and the ancient world. This volume is part of The Wiley Blackwell Companions to Religion series. 

Rachel Fendler, Ph.D. and Sara Scott Shields, Ph.D. (Department of Art Education) co-authored the articles “A Vision of Civically Engaged Art Education: Teens as Arts-Based Researchers,” published in the journal Studies in Art Education, and “#thefutureisnow: A Model for Civically Engaged Art Education,” published in the journal Art Education. 

Sage Ponder, Ph.D. (Department of Geography) co-authored “The Violence of Municipal Debt: From Interest Rate Swaps to Racialized Harm in the Detroit Water Crisis,” published in the journal Geoforum. 

Vanessa DennenPh.D. (College of Education), along with students Hajeen Choi and Kari Wordco-authored “Social Media, Teenagers, and the School Context: A Scoping Review of Research in Education and Related Fields,” in the journal Educational Research Technology and Development. 

Cameron Beatty, Ph.D. (College of Education), along with higher education students Allen Clay Jr. and Erica Wiborg, published the research report “COVID-19 in Florida: A Breakdown of Disparities in the Black Population June & July 2020.”   

Amy Chan Hyung KimPh.D. (College of Education) published the article “Sport Participation and Happiness Among Older AdultsMediating Role of Social Capital” in the Journal of Happiness Studies.  

Deb OsbornPh.D. (College of Education) was the editor of a special edition of the Career Planning and Adult Development Journal. The title of the special issue is “International Use of Cognitive Information Processing Theory in Career Interventions.” 

Stacey RutledgePh.D. (College of Education) published book titled “Steps to Schoolwide Success: Systemic Practices for Connecting Social-Emotional and Academic Learning” by the Harvard Education Press. 

Amal IbourkPh.D. (College of Education) co-authored the article “Middle School Students’ Mechanistic Explanation About Trait Expression in Rice Plants During a Technology-Enhanced Science Inquiry Investigation” in the Journal of Science Education and Technology. 

Eunhui YoonPh.D. (College of Education) co-authored “Promoting Identity Wellness in LGBTGEQIAP+ Adolescents Through Affirmative Therapy,” published in the Journal of LGBT Issues in Counseling (JLGBTIC).  

Nicole Patton TerryPh.D. (College of Education) and Yaacov Petscher Ph.D. (College of Social Work) published the article “Speech Recognition in Education: The Powers and Perils” on SmartBrief.  

Randall Holcombe, Ph.D. (Economics) published the book, “Coordination, Cooperation, and Control: The Evolution of Economic and Political Power,” that looks at the relationships between these two types of power over the course of human history, how they come to be separated and how they can remain separated. 

James E. Wright II, Ph.D. (Askew School of Public Administration) authored “Place Plus Race Effects in Bureaucratic Discretionary Power: An Analysis of Residential Segregation and Police Stop Decisions,” published in the journal Public Performance & Management Review.  

Gang Wang, Ph.D. (College of Business) co-authored “Affectivity and Riskiness of Retirement Investment Decisions,” accepted for publication in the journal of Personnel Review. 

Katrinell Davis, Ph.D. (Department of Sociology) authored “Lead Poisoning Prevention Efforts in High-Risk Environments: Follow-up Testing Rates among Preschool Children in Flint, Michigan, 2013–2015, published in the Journal of Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities. 

Patricia Homan, Ph.D. (Sociology, Public Health) authored The Color of COVID-19: Structural Racism and the Pandemic’s Disproportionate Impact on Older Racial and Ethnic Minorities,” published in the Journals of Gerontology. 

Paromita Sanyal, Ph.D. (Department of Sociology) published two articles in the Journal of Business Anthropology“From Brides to Business Owners: Microfinance and Women’s Entrepreneurship” and “Struggles and Strategies of Black Women Business Owners in the U.S.,” co-authored with a colleague. 

Sandy Wong, Ph.D. (Department of Geography) co-authored “Disability, Wages, and Commuting in New York,” published in the Journal of Transport Geography. 

Paul Renfro, Ph.D. (Department of History) authored the op-ed QAnon Misdirects Our Attention Away from the Real Threats to Children, published in the Washington Post. 


Judy Rushin (Department of Art) recently showcased an art piece titled “Hazmat Suit Level C (2031),” which was included in the exhibition Parallel” at the Atlanta-based gallery Whitespace. 

Lilian Garcia-RoigM.F.A., Carrie Ann Baade, M.F.A. and Tra Bouscaren, M.F.A. (Department of Art) are three of just 39 artists with work included in the B20: Wiregrass Biennial Exhibition, a regional juried exhibition encouraging innovative and progressive work at Wiregrass Museum of Art. 

Wayne Logan, J.D. (College of Law), presented an online lecture, “The Impact of Technological Advances on Fourth Amendment Jurisprudence,” to the Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office oAug. 13.  

Arianne Johnson Quinn, Ph.D. (College of Music) presented “Kurt Weill’s: Lady in the Dark” and “One Touch of Venus: Empowered Goddesses, Museum Pieces and the Problem of the West End Revival” at the Society for American Music virtual conference in July. 

Li Yeoh, D.M.A., M.P.T. (College of Music) presented live during the Jesselton Philharmonic Orchestra Family Program broadcast held via Zoom, as part of the Philharmonic’s workshops, masterclasses and outreach programs to schools, colleges, hospitals and welfare organizations around southeast Asia. The title of his presentation was “Music Career in Piano Technology.” 

Frank Wong, Ph.D. (College of Nursing) was featured in an inaugural Sexual and Gender Minority webinar titled, “Sexuality and Stigma: Culture, Identity, and Mental Health Among High-Risk Men Who Have Sex with Men.” 


Carla Laroche, J.D., (College of Law) was a panelist for a webinar “Review of the Supreme Court’s Term-Criminal Cases,” hosted by the American Bar Association Criminal Justice Section. 

Guangzhi Shang, Ph.D. (College of Business) was named to a three-year term as co-editor in the Empirical Research Methods in Operations Management department at the Journal of Operations Management (JOM), which is one of the top journals in Operations and Supply Chain Management. 

Christopher Coutts, Ph.D. (Department of Urban and Regional Planning) has been invited by the U.S. State Department to be a mentor to Fulbright Scholars, who are preparing to head abroad on their projects. Coutts will help them answer questions about Africa, Malawi (where he did his Fulbright work in 2018) and the Fulbright experience in general during the pre-departure orientation and while they are in-country. 

Gregory J. Harris, Ph.D. (College of Human Sciences) was appointed to serve as interim chair of the Department of Family and Child Sciences fothe Fall 2020 semester. 

Steven WebberM.A(Department of Interior Architecture & Design) is serving on the Board of Directors for the Interior Design Educators Council as the Director of Teaching. The mission of The Interior Design Educators Council, Inc. is the advancement of interior design education, scholarship and service.  

Nancy Gerber, Ph.D. (Department of Art Education) co-facilitates the Arts-Based Research SIG at the International Congress of Qualitative Research and co-created the Arts-Based Research Global Consortium to advance socially responsible arts-based research. 

Michael Carrasco, Ph.D. (Department of Art History) has been appointed associate dean for the College of Fine Arts. He will oversee accreditation and university program review processes, provide vision and oversight for academic programs and accreditations for the college, and be responsible for improving academic quality, expanding programmatic options and evaluating course curriculum. 

Sara Scott Shields, Ph.D. (Department of Art Education) has been appointed chair for the Department of Art Education. 

Lilian Garcia-Roig, M.F.A. (Department of Art) has been appointed chair for the Department of Art. 

Gregory J. Harris, Ph.D. (College of Human Sciences) was recently elected as the faculty co-chair for the Black Faculty and Staff Network, which is an affinity group at FSU with a mission to serve as a resource for faculty, staff and students to achieve a visible and purposeful commitment to equity, inclusion and recognition of Black faculty, staff and students through leadership-driven strategies with university leaders and the community. He will serve along with staff co-chair Joseph Blanks (Campus Recreation). Pearson, M.A. (Division of Student Affairs) will serve as secretary, Ebony Wofford, M.Ed. (Division of Student Affairs) will serve as membership and events director, Ayne Markos, MBA (University Relations) will serve as treasurer and Randi Hill, M.S. (Center of Academic Retention & Enhancement) will serve as communications director. All new officers will serve a two-year term. 


Stephanie Leitch, Ph.D. (Department of Art History) was interviewed by Lieven Verbrugge about the Nuremburg Chronicle for an episode of Bold Books and Bones called The Google of 500 Years Ago, part 2.