Faculty and Staff Briefs: December 2022

Florida State University’s faculty and staff are central to its mission and the key to its countless accomplishments.

Throughout the year, honors and recognitions are awarded to individual faculty and staff members across campus. Faculty and Staff Briefs are produced monthly to recognize accomplishments and provide a space where honors, awards, bylines, presentations, grants, service and any other notable items can be showcased.


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Martin Mende, Ph.D. and Maura Scott, Ph.D. (College of Business) received the Best Paper Award from the Journal of Consumer Psychology for their article “Improving Financial Inclusion Through Communal Financial Orientation: How Financial Service Providers Can Better Engage Consumers in Banking Deserts,” published by the journal of Consumer Psychology.

Kelly Farquharson, Ph.D. (School of Communication Science and Disorders) and doctoral scholar Anne Reed were awarded $13,200 from the Institute of Politics Civic Engagement and Political Participation Research Grant Program to travel to the Society for the Scientific Study of Reading and present their research.

Anissa Ford, M.A. (Career Center) received the New Professional Award at the Southern Association of Colleges and Employers Conference. This award recognizes “future leaders” within the association who have demonstrated significant contributions to the career services and/or recruitment profession.

Edward H. Forster, M.D. (College of Medicine) was named the Florida Academy of Family Physicians’ (FAFP) Family Physician of the Year in recognition of outstanding performance as a family physician, dedication to the profession, and service to the patient.

Dean John P. Fogarty, M.D., FAAFP (College of Medicine) earned the FAFP Family Physician Executive Award.

Kristen Dimas, M.D. (College of Medicine) earned the FAFP Young Leader Award at the FAFP Family Medicine Winter Summit at Amelia Island.

Kani Diop, Ph.D. (College of Health and Human Sciences) received the Impact Leader Award from The National Society of Leadership and Success for exemplifying a commitment to excellence in developing student leaders.

Laura Reid Marks, Ph.D. (College of Education) received a career development award of $862,047 over five years from the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism. Marks and her GROWTH Lab will culturally tailor an existing mindfulness mobile health (MHealth) application and also will engage in training opportunities on mHealth and translational research.

Russell Almond, Ph.D. (College of Education) was named Florida Researcher of the Year by the Florida Educational Research Association. He is also stepping down after a three-year term on the FERA Board of Directors.


Aline Kalbian, Ph.D. (Department of Religion) published the article “Gene Editing and Relational Autonomy” in the Journal of Religion Ethics.

Melissa Radey, Ph.D. and Dina Wilke, Ph.D. (College of Social Work) co-authored the article “Extent, Trajectory, and Determinants of Child Welfare Turnover and Exit Destinations,” published by ScienceDirect.

Nilay Özok-Gündoğan, Ph.D. (Department of History) published the book “The Kurdish Nobility in the Ottoman Empire: Loyalty, Autonomy, and Privilege” with the Edinburgh University Press.

Amy L. Ai, Ph.D. (College of Social Work) co-authored the article “Does Spirituality Enhance Functioning in Cardiac Patients?” published by the Journal of 21st Century Cardiology.

Amy L. Ai, Ph.D. (College of Social Work) and doctoral student Beren Crim Sabuncu co-authored the article “Gender and Age Effects on PTG Explained by Psychological Factors in Cardiac Patients,” published by Innovation in Aging.

Kaitlin Lansford Ph.D. (School of Communication Science and Disorders) published a manuscript “Cognitive Predictors of Perception and Adaptation to Dysarthric Speech in Young Adult Listeners,” in the Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research. The article detailed an NIH-funded project conducted in the FSU Motor Speech Disorders Lab.

Katherine Bell, M.S.I.S. (Askew School of Public Administration and Policy) authored “The Mental Health Systems Act of 1980,” published in DttP: Documents to the People.

Wayne A. Hochwarter, Ph.D. (College of Business) and doctoral students Ashlee Fontes-Comber and DC De La Haye co-authored the article “Losing the Benefits of Work Passion? The Implications of Low Ego-Resilience for Passionate Workers,” published by Career Developmental International.

Wayne A. Hochwarter, Ph.D. (College of Business) and doctoral student Yingge Li co-authored the article “Sometimes Enough is Enough: Nurses’ Nonlinear Levels of Passion and the Influence of Politics,” published by the journal Human Relations.

Desirée Burns, LMSW, Lisa Langenderfer-Magruder, Ph.D., Anna Yelick, Ph.D., and Dina Wilke, Ph.D. (College of Social Work) co-authored “What Else is There to Say? Reflections of Newly-Hired Child Welfare Workers by Retention Status,” published by Children and Youth Services Review.

Prashant Singh, Ph.D. (College of Health and Human Sciences) and doctoral student Frank Velez co-authored “Universal Hydrolysis Probe-Based Approach for Specific Detection and Genotyping of Foodborne Pathogens,” published in the Journal of Microbiological Methods.

Thomas Ledermann, Ph.D., Frank Fincham, Ph.D. (College of Health and Human Sciences) and former doctoral student Tom Su co-authored “Does Covenant Marriage Predict Latent Trajectory Groups of Newlywed Couples?” published in the journal Personal Relationships.

Anne Coldiron, Ph.D. (Department of English) published her research on early modern multilingualism and translation “Adventures in Early Modern Multilingualism: ‘Exceptional’ England?” in Multilingual Texts and Practices in Early Modern Europe (Routledge Critical Studies in Multilingualism) with Routledge publishing company. Coldiron also published “Spenser’s Third Babel and English Multilingualism” in the Sidney Journal.

Lara Perez-Felkner, Ph.D. (College of Education) published the article “Liberating Our Writing: Critical Narratives and Systemic Changes in Education and the Social Sciences” in the journal Multicultural Perspectives.

Kathleen Michelle Clark, Ph.D. (College of Education) guest-edited “Exploring the Significance of the History of Mathematics in Mathematics Education” in the journal ZDM – Mathematics Education. She also published the article “Transforming Mathematics Instruction via Primary Historical Sources: A Study of Influential Factors on Implementation of a Curricular Innovation at the Tertiary Level” with colleagues in the journal, Implementation and Replication Studies in Mathematics Education.

Bret Staudt Willet, Ph.D. (College of Education) and doctoral student Hunhui Na co-published an article “Affinity and Anonymity Benefiting Early Career Teachers in the r/teachers Subreddit” in the Journal of Research on Technology in Education.

Annie Wofford, Ph.D. (College of Education) co-published “Ph.D. Pathways to the Professoriate: Affordances and Constraints of Institutional Structures, Individual Agency, and Social Systems” as an invited book chapter for “Higher Education: Handbook of Theory and Research.” The purpose of this chapter is to review existing knowledge about the role of graduate-level training in the development of college and university faculty in the USA, offering a critical examination of pathways into faculty roles and establishing future directions for research.

Eunhui Yoon, Ph.D. (College of Education) co-wrote a book chapter “Culturally Responsive Counseling for Clients of Asian American and Pacific Islander Descent” in “Multicultural Counseling: Responding with Cultural Humility, Empathy, and Advocacy.”

Shaofeng Li, Ph.D. (College of Education) and graduate student Alyssa Vuogan, M.A. co-published “The Effectiveness of Peer Feedback in L2 Writing: A Meta-Analysis” in TESOL Quarterly, a top journal in language education and applied linguistics. Li also co-published “A Meta-Analysis of the Effectiveness of Second Language Pragmatics Instruction” in the journal Applied Linguistics.

Esaa Mohammad Sabti Samarah, M.S.W. (College of Social Work) co-published the article “Narrative Exposure Therapy to Address PTSD Symptomology with Refugee and Migrant Children and Youth: A Review” in the journal APA PsychNet.


Dalisha D. Herring, Ph.D. (College of Business) presented her co-authored paper “Ready or Not, Retirement is Coming — How Do Women, Gen X-ers and Baby Boomers Fare?” at the Financial Planning Association Annual Conference in Seattle.

Shannon Hall-Mills, Ph.D. (School of Communication Science and Disorders) and undergraduate students Lindsey Wood, Parker Franklin, Rachel Sherman and Lauren Johnson co-presented “Detecting Locally Disproportionate Representation of Racial-Ethnic Subgroups of Students through Risk Ratios” at the annual convention of the America Speech Language Hearing Association. Hall-Mills, Ph.D. and graduate student Lauryn Shanks co-presented “School-Level Predictors of Speech-Language Therapy Enrollment” and she co-presented “Peer Support for Resilient SLPs” at the convention.

Don Latham Ph.D. (School of Information) presented “The Social Work Approach in Public Libraries” at the 2022 Annual Florida Public Library Directors Meeting.

Benjamin J. Smith, DMSc (College of Medicine) co-presented “2022 American College of Rheumatology Guideline for Exercise, Rehabilitation, Diet, and Additional Integrative Interventions for Rheumatoid Arthritis” at the 2022 American College of Rheumatology Convergence in Philadelphia.

Marcia Mardis (School of Information) gave the closing keynote speech “Into the Future (Acknowledging the Best of the Past)” at the Michigan Association for Media in Education’s annual conference in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Nilay Özok-Gündoğan, Ph.D. (Department of History) gave an invited lecture, “The Beginning of the Endgame? The Road to the 1895 Massacres in Ottoman Palu,” at the NIOD Institute for War, Holocaust and Genocide Studies in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Rob Schoen, Ph.D. (Learning Systems Institute) was a guest on the University of Michigan’s JRME Talks to discuss an article he co-wrote, “Word Problem Performance of U.S. First Graders in the Twentieth Century and Common Core Era.”

Lisa Munson, Ph.D. (Sociology) and Ken Baldauf (Innovation Hub) traveled to Beirut, Lebanon, to lead a Design Thinking training workshop organized under the Higher Education Capacity Development Program and funded by the United States Agency for International Development in partnership with Florida State University.

Chantelle Grace, Ph.D. (College of Education) presented “Developing Racial-Pedagogical-Content Knowledge Among Social Studies Teachers” at the College & University Faculty Assembly of the National Council for the Social Studies 2022 Annual Conference in Philadelphia, that highlighted the effect professional development and reflection can have on in-service teachers’ understandings of race/ism in social studies education.

Jonathan Appelbaum, M.D. (College of Medicine) was panelist on the National Institutes of Health’s World AIDS Day 2022 presentation and discussion “Progress and Promise in HIV Research.”

Michelle Therrien, Ph.D. (School of Communication Science and Disorders) hosted a mini-conference for graduate students to present evidence-based practice related to augmentative and alternative communication.

G. Kurt Piehler, Ph.D. (Department of History) will co-direct a National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) summer workshop on the civil rights movement, sponsored by the Thomasville History Center.


Samantha Paustian-Underdahl, Ph.D. (College of Business) will continue to serve as the Associate Editor for the Journal of Management until 2026.

Donna Marie Nudd, Ph.D. (College of Communication and Information) served as the executive producer and co-director of the musical “The Cursed House of Ravensmadd” at The Mickee Faust Club this fall.

Ebe Randeree and Faye Jones, Ph.D. (College of Communication and Information) led Black Men in Tech to the end of its pilot year connecting young Black men in local high schools to mentors, technology training, technology careers and students.

Anand “Sunny” Narayanan, Ph.D. (College of Health and Human Sciences) was recently elected to join and serve on the National Postdoctoral Association’s Board of Directors.

Lara Perez-Felkner, Ph.D. (College of Education) co-chaired the Association for the Study of Higher Education Conference, which is the primary conference for scholars and researchers focused on postsecondary education.

Zhe He, Ph.D. (School of Information) was recently elected as the vice chair for the American Medical Informatics Association’s Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining Working Group.

Shelley Ducatt, Ph.D. (Department of Student Support and Transitions) was elected as the president of the National Association of ADA Coordinators which brings together professionals, providing a forum for the most up-to-date information on ADA issues, strategies and solutions, and enforcement.

Nicole Bentze, DO (College of Medicine) was elected Regional Governor Lead for the American Medical Women’s Association (AMWA), having previously served as AMWA Region 4 Governor from 2017–2022.

Christy Cavanagh, M.D. (College of Medicine) was elected president of the Florida Academy of Family Physicians’ Board of Directors, George Bernardo, M.D. (College of Medicine) was elected president-elect and Carrie Vey, M.D. (College of Medicine) was elected board chair.

Laura Reid Marks, Ph.D. (College of Education) was selected as an associate editor for the Journal of Career Development.

Junelle C. Gallon, ACB, CL (College of Medicine) was elected president of FSU Garnet and Gold Toastmasters and has been a member of Toastmasters International for about 14 years.

Pablo Maurette, Ph.D. (Department of English) was invited to be a Fellow at the Santa Maddalena Foundation, a prestigious writing retreat in rural Tuscany, in May 2023.


Joi N. Phillips, Ph.D. (Center for Leadership & Social Change) has been selected to the American Council on Education’s Women’s Leadership Mentoring Program. As part of the strategy to increase the number and diversity of women serving in executive-level positions at institutions and on governing boards, the American Council on Education designed this program to support and advance women through their careers in higher education.

Heather Flynn, Ph.D. and Adam Baptiste, M.D. (College of Medicine) welcomed participants to the Florida Maternal Mental Health Collaborative’s 7th Annual Perinatal Mental Health Conference in Tampa, hosted by Flynn and FSU’s Center for Behavioral Health Integration.

Doug Tatum, M. Acc. (Jim Moran College of Entrepreneurship) and Randy Blass, Ph.D. (College of Business) worked with 10 veteran-owned businesses for the “Back to Business Challenge,” sponsored by Syracuse University’s D’Aniello Institute for Veterans and Military Families. Classes were held at the Russell Innovation Center for Entrepreneurs in Atlanta.

Adrienne Barnes-Story, Ph.D. and Jennie Robinette, M.Ed. (Learning Systems Institute) worked with teacher educators from the Malawi Institute of Education and the Teacher Training College in Liwonde, Malawi, who were being trained on Google Chrome Books for the first time, learning to collaborate on curriculum development using Google Docs.

Jim Reynolds (Learning Systems Institute) led a team that worked with Career Technical Education practitioners from across the state of Florida to write lessons that integrate core academic classes with career and technology content for CPALMS, an online toolbox of information, free vetted resources, and interactive tools to help educators effectively implement teaching standards.

Rob Gordon, Jamie Santillo, Gregg Lightfoot, Lawtnee Frazier, Jim Reynolds, and Carrie Meyers (Learning Systems Institute) worked with teachers from across the state to collaborate and write K-12 integrated civics lessons incorporating math, science, and ELA. The lessons will be published on CPALMS and available to all K-12 Florida teachers.

Stephanie Zuilkowski, Ph.D. and Rachel Keune-Mincey, Ed.D. (Learning Systems Institute) created training lecturers on new materials in Zambia as part of the U.S. Agency for International Development Transforming Teacher Education Program.

Adrienne Barnes-Story, Ph.D. and Jeremy Koch (Learning Systems Institute) met with Ministry of Education, Malawi Institute of Education and principals/heads of department from various Teacher Training Colleges in Malawi to validate course materials for 28 sessions.

Jeffrey Milligan, Ph.D., Flavia Ramos-Mattoussi, Ph.D. (Learning Systems Institute) and Kathleen Clark, Ph.D. (School of Teacher Education) worked with international university partners in Egypt in support of the Teacher Excellence Initiative (TEI). The project focuses on aligning the standards of preservice teacher education programs at 15 public universities in Egypt with the in-service teacher competencies in mathematics, sciences, Arabic Language and English.