Faculty and Staff Briefs January 2023

Florida State University’s faculty and staff are central to its mission and the key to its countless accomplishments.

Throughout the year, honors and recognitions are awarded to individual faculty and staff members across campus. Faculty and Staff Briefs are produced monthly to recognize accomplishments and provide a space where honors, awards, bylines, presentations, grants, service and any other notable items can be showcased.


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Maura Scott, Ph.D. (College of Business) was named a Marketing Science Institute scholar, the highest honor a mid-career marketing scholar can achieve. Scott is the first FSU professor honored with this distinction.

Tingyu Zhou, Ph.D. (College of Business) received the Best Referee Award from Real Estate Economics, the official journal of the American Real Estate and Urban Economics Association and the premier journal on real estate topics.

Lenore McWey, Ph.D. (College of Health and Human Sciences) was named editor-elect of the Journal of Marital and Family Therapy. She will officially take over duties of the journal in January 2024.

Beth Philips, Ph.D. (College of Education) was awarded “Outstanding Reviewer” in 2022 from Early Childhood Research Quarterly, where she served on the editorial board for many years.

Amal Ibourk, Ph.D. (College of Education) was chosen by the National Association for Research in Science Teaching to receive a Research Worth Reading Award for her article “It Is What It Is: Using Storied-Identity and Intersectionality Lenses to Understand the Trajectory of a Young Black Woman’s Science and Math Identities.” This recognition is only given to three papers a year, published in the Journal of Research in Science Teaching that are interpreted to have the most significant implications for science educators and practitioners.

Michelle Kazmer, Ph.D. (School of Information) and colleagues have been nominated for a 2023 Edgar Award in the category Best Critical/Biographical for their work on “The Bloomsbury Handbook to Agatha Christie.” Kazmer contributed the chapter “Christie’s Clues as Information,” which explores how clues manifest themselves as information objects.

Kelly Clark, M.B.A (University Housing) won “Best of Florida” for her program “I Got Skills, They’re Multiplying: How to Create a Competency-Based Employment Model for Student Staff.” Clark will represent FSU and the state of Florida at the regional Southeastern Association of Housing Officers Conference.

Geneva Scott-King, DNP, FNP-C (College of Nursing) was awarded the Dream Keepers Award during a Martin Luther King Jr. celebration in Thomasville, Ga.

Mia Newlin Bradner, Ph.D., MSN, RN (College of Nursing) was recognized as a Diplomate of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine.


Annie Wofford, Ph.D., Lara Perez-Felkner, Ph.D. and Bret Staudt Willet, Ph.D. (College of Education) received a $249,978 grant from the Sloan Foundation to examine curricular language in computing-related master’s and doctoral programs at Minority Serving Institutions in the United States.

Michael Creswell, Ph.D. (Department of History) received a grant of $3,263.80 from the Noel Foundation, Inc. for his exhibition “The French Revolution on Screen,” held at the R.W. Norton Art Gallery in Shreveport, LA.

DeOnte Brown, Ph.D. (Center for Academic Retention and Enhancement) and Sheila Labissiere, M.Ed. (FSU Panama City) received grant funding through the City of Tallahassee and Leon County’s Community Human Service Partnership for K-12 summer reading and college outreach programming.

Henna Budhwani, Ph.D., MPH (College of Nursing) was awarded $121,415 from sponsor Merck Sharpe & Dohme for the project “Survey of Adolescent MSM Knowledge and Preferences (SAM-KAP) related to HIV Prevention in the Southern United States.”


Keith E. Ferguson, D.B.A. and Jonathan L. Jackson, M.B.A. (College of Business) co-authored the article “Using Invitational Theory and Practice as a Framework for Optimizing Marketing Education,” published in the Journal of Invitational Theory and Practice.

Michael Killian, Ph.D. (College of Social Work) co-authored the article “Antidepressant Adherence Among Hispanics: Patients in an Integrated Health Care Model,” published in the Journal of Multidisciplinary Healthcare.

Yaacov Petscher, Ph.D. (College of Social Work) co-authored the article “Effects of Affix Type and Base Word Transparency on Students’ Performance on Different Morphological Awareness Measures,” published by the journal of Speech, Language and Hearing Research.

Lisa Schelbe, Ph.D. and J. Bart Klika, Ph.D. (College of Social Work) co-authored the article “Using Research-Practice-Policy Partnerships to Mitigate the Effects of Childhood Trauma on Educator Burnout,” published by ScienceDirect.

Melissa Radey, Ph.D., Dina Wilke, Ph.D. (College of Social Work) and doctoral student Crim Sabuncu co-authored “Independent and Combined Effects of Workplace Harassment among Child Welfare Workers,” published in the Journal of Aggression, Maltreatment and Trauma.

Stephen Tripodi, Ph.D., Melissa Radey, Ph.D. (College of Social Work) and doctoral students Jungup Lee and Margaret Holland co-authored the article “Childhood Bullying Victimization, Substance Use and Criminal Activity among Adolescents: A Multilevel Growth Model Study,” published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health.

Tingting Liu, Ph.D., R.N., F.A.A.N. (College of Nursing) published the article “Trends in the Prevalence of Metabolically Healthy and Unhealthy Obesity in the US Adult Population: Analysis of Eight NHANES Cross-Sectional Survey Cycles, 1990-2014,” in the journal BMJ Open.

Shannon Hall-Mills, Ph.D. and Leesa Marante, Ph.D. (College of Communication and Information) co-authored the article “Teaching Expository Text Management and Proficiency Skills for Comprehension for Students with Language/Learning Disabilities,” published in Learning Disability Quarterly.

Sabrina Dickey, Ph.D. (College of Nursing), Irvin Clark, Ed.D. (FSU Panama City), Aurther Raney, Ph.D. (College of Communication and Information), Amy Ai, Ph.D. and Katrina Boone, M.S.W. (College of Social Work) co-authored the article “Psychosocial and Physical Challenges from a Natural Hazard: Implications for Resilience in the Black Community,” published in the Natural Hazards Review.

Kristy Anderson, Ph.D. (College of Social Work) co-authored “Evidence from the Autism Transitions Research Project,” published by the International Society for Autism Research.

Robert Neuman, Ph.D. (College of Fine Arts) published the monograph “From Hollywood to Disneyland: Walt Disney’s Theme Park and the Influence of American Movies,” published by McFarland & Company, Inc.

Carla Wood, Ph.D. (College of Communication and Information) and doctoral students Victor Lugo and Miguel Garcia-Salas co-authored the article “A Team Science Training Approach to Enhance Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration in Communication Science and Disorders Programs,” published by the journal Teaching and Learning in Communication Science and Disorders.

Zilong Xie, Ph.D. (College of Communication and Information) had his research paper, titled “Cortical tracking of continuous speech under bimodal divided attention,” published in the journal Neurobiology of Language.

Joseph Watso, Ph.D. (College of Health and Human Sciences) co-authored the article “Comparing the Effects of Low-Dose Ketamine, Fentanyl and Morphine on Hemorrhagic Tolerance and Analgesia in Humans,” published in the National Association of EMS Physicians Prehospital Emergency Care Journal.

Leqi Cui, Ph.D., Prashant Singh, Ph.D. (College of Health and Human Sciences) and doctoral students Samuel Kwawukume and Frank Velez co-authored “Rapid PCR-lateral flow assay for the onsite detection of Atlantic white shrimp,” published in the journal Food Chemistry: Molecular Sciences.

Barbara Parker-Bell, Ph.D. (College of Fine Arts) and Deb Osborn, Ph.D. (College of Education) co-authored the book “Art Therapy and Career Counseling: Creative Strategies Across the Lifespan,” which brings art therapy and career counseling together.

Mike Drury, Psy.D., Nicki Taylor, Ph.D., and Cheryl Porter, Ph.D. (College of Medicine) co-authored “Medical Students’ Perception of Psychotherapy and Predictors for Self-Utilization and Prospective Patient Referrals,” published in Behavioral Sciences.

Yang Hou, Ph.D., Xian Wu, Ph.D. and Dan Liu, Ph.D. (College of Medicine) published a manuscript, “Demographic and Disease-Related Predictors of Socioemotional Development in Children with Neurofibromatosis Type 1 and Plexiform Neurofibromas: An Exploratory Study,” in Cancers, a top journal in oncology.

Kathy Guthrie, Ph.D. (College of Education) published the article “Exploring the Influences of a Leadership Certificate on Career Readiness” in the Journal of Higher Education Policy and Leadership Studies. Guthrie also published “Centering Socially Just Leadership: An Integrated Model for Contextualizing Leadership Learning” in the Journal of Leadership Studies.

Walter Ecton, Ph.D. (College of Education) co-authored the article “College Students Who Work More Hours are Less Likely to Graduate,” published in The Conversation.

Paul Renfro, Ph.D. (Department of History) co-authored the article “The Habit America’s Historians Just Can’t Give Up,” published in Slate Magazine.

Deana Rohlinger, Ph.D. (Department of Sociology) co-authored the paper “Protest During a Pandemic: How COVID-19 Affected Social Movements in the United States,” published in the American Behavioral Scientist. Rohlinger also co-authored the book “The Oxford Handbook of Digital Media Sociology,” published by the Oxford University Press.

Danielle Atkins, Ph.D. (College of Social Sciences and Public Policy) co-authored the article “Buprenorphine Involvement in Opioid Overdose Deaths: A Retrospective Analysis of Postmortem Toxicology in Marion County, Indiana, 2015-2021,” published in Drug and Alcohol Dependence Reports.

Amy Ai, Ph.D. (College of Social Work) published “Does Spirituality Enhance Functioning in Cardiac Patients?” in the Journal of 21st Century Cardiology.

Eileen Cormier, Ph.D., RN (College of Nursing) published the article “College Students’ eMental Health Literacy and Risk of Diagnosis with Mental Health Disorders,” in MDPI Healthcare journal.

Hongyu Miao, Ph.D., Geraldine Martorella, Ph.D., RN, FAAN and Hyochol Ahn, Ph.D., MSN, FAAN (College of Nursing) co-published the article “Feasibility, Acceptability, and Efficacy of Home-Based Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation on Pain in Older Adults with Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementias: A Randomized Sham-Controlled Pilot Clinical Trial,” in Journal of Clinical Medicine.


JR Harding, Ph.D. (College of Business) and Shengli Dong, Ph.D. (College of Education), presented “Enhancing Transition Experiences for First-Year College Students with Disabilities in a Public University” at the 21st Annual Hawaii International Conference on Education in Honolulu.

Dalisha D. Herring, Ph.D. (College of Business) presented her co-authored paper “Ready or Not, Retirement is Coming: How do Women, Gen Xers and Baby Boomers Fare?” in the Journal of Financial Planning Research Showcase at the Financial Planning Association Annual Conference in Seattle.

Ravinder Nagpal, Ph.D. (College of Health and Human Sciences) presented his ongoing USDA-funded research at the 22nd International Union of Nutritional Sciences and International Congress of Nutrition joint meeting in Tokyo, Japan.

Michael Carrasco, Ph.D. (College of Fine Arts) presented his co-authored paper “The Sotetsu of my Lover’s Heart: Cycad Heritage Landscapes in Ryukyuan and Japanese Culture” at the sixth Association of Critical Heritage Studies Conference in Santiago, Chile. The paper explores the symbolism of cycads and their place in the cultural landscapes of the Ryukyu Islands and Japan.

Dr. Sonia Cabell, Ph.D. (College of Education) gave the keynote address at the Ready at Five’s School Readiness Symposium at the Maryland Business Roundtable for Education in Ellicott City, MD.

Don Latham, Ph.D. and Marcia Mardis, Ed.D. (School of Information) attended the annual Florida Public Library Directors meeting where Latham presented “The Social Work Approach in Public Libraries,” which focuses on how social service information is provided across the state and the importance of identifying and developing practices for meeting the social service needs in our communities.

Ebrahim Randeree (College of Communication and Information) presented “Building Community Pipelines” at the 2023 Florida Career Pathways Network Symposium.

DeOnte Brown, Ph.D. (Center for Academic Retention and Enhancement) and doctoral student Adarius Simpkins presented “Higher Education Transitional Services for African American Males” during Albany Technical College’s Predominately Black Institution Professional Development Day.

Maxine Jones, Ph.D. (Department of History) spoke on a panel during the Remembering Rosewood Centennial at the University of Florida. Jones also co-curated an exhibition, “The French Revolution on Screen,” held at the R.W. Norton Art Gallery in Shreveport, La.

Michael Creswell, Ph.D. (Department of History) co-curated an exhibition, “The French Revolution on Screen,” held at the R.W. Norton Art Gallery in Shreveport, LA.

Lilian Garcia-Roig, M.F.A. (Department of Art) and professor emeritus Mark Messersmith are in the group show “Outside Chance” at the IBIS Contemporary Art Gallery in New Orleans Jan. 3 – Feb. 25. Curated around this theme, the exhibition highlights a variety of forms and interpretations related to landscape.


Martin Mende, Ph.D. (College of Business) was appointed incoming chair of the advisory committee of Transformative Consumer Research. The committee aims to consider, plan and implement strategies and programs that will encourage, support and publicize Transformative Consumer Research.

Lakeisha Johnson, Ph.D. (College of Communication and Information) presented “Windows, Mirrors, and Sliding Glass Doors: Utilizing Diverse Books” at the Leon County Library Lecture Series.

Yang Hou, Ph.D. (College of Medicine) is serving as the chair of the Asian Caucus Awards Committee in the Society for Research in Child Development.

Tracy Woodard, Ph.D. (College of Social Sciences and Public Policy) will serve as the faculty adviser for the newly formed Nineteen Ten Honorary, which recognizes women across campus who have done outstanding work in academics, leadership and activism.

Anand “Sunny” Narayanan, Ph.D. (College of Health and Human Sciences) co-chaired a workshop on space habitats through the International Astronautical Federation.

Nilay Özok-Gündoğan, Ph.D. (Department of History) organized a panel at the Annual Meeting of the American Historical Association called “Ottoman Empire through the History of Commodities” and presented her paper “War Making, State Making, and Mining: The Social History of Charcoal Production in the Ottoman Empire.”

Michael Creswell, Ph.D. (Department of History) served as a panel commentator for “World War II: New Ideas and Topics” at the 88th Annual Meeting of the Society for Military History in Ft. Worth, TX.

Sindy Chapa, Ph.D. (College of Communication and Information) and students from the Center for Hispanic Marketing Communication (CHMC) led the annual CHMC Gala, which raises funds for the Felipe and Betty Korzenny Endowment Fund and supports CHMC’s multifunctional, career-advancing programs for students pursuing a certificate or master’s degree in Hispanic and Multicultural Studies at FSU.

Hyochol Ahn, Ph.D., MSN, FAAN (College of Nursing) was chosen to represent FSU in the 2023 ACC Academic Leaders Network, designed to facilitate cross-institutional networking and collaboration among academic leaders while building leadership capacity for academic institutions.

Chelsea Alexander, Ph.D. and Selena Snowden, CCC-A (School of Communication Science and Disorders) volunteered at a Special Olympics event in Tallahassee where they administered hearing screenings. Many students attended as well to provide support.

Kyeonghee Kim, Ph.D. (College of Business) in January joined the academic advisory board of the Korea Insurance Research Institute, for which she’ll advise on its research agenda and perform ad-hoc reviews of the institute’s white papers.


Joseph Cronin, Ph.D. (Dr. Persis E. Rockwood School of Marketing) was named to the top two percent of the most influential scientists on the Stanford University List for business and marketing.

Eric Holmes, Ph.D. (Office of Research) and Gary Ostrander, Ph.D. (College of Medicine) were issued a patent for “Large Scale Purification of Castanospermine,” which concern a scalable, large-scale castanospermine preparation method that yields levels of purity greater than 98% from castanospermine-containing plant sources, such as Castanospermum australe seed material.

Kathy Guthrie, Ph.D. (College of Education) traveled with the Hardee Center to host a reception for LifeNet and friends at the Leadership Educators Institute in New Orleans.

Jeffrey Ayla Milligan, Ph.D. (College of Education) will have a conference room named in his honor for his contributions to international education and his tenure as the director of the Learning System Institute.

Stephanie Zuilkowski, Ed.D. and Rachel Keune-Mincey, Ed.D. (Learning Systems Institute) created training lectures and literacy module materials in Zambia as part of the U.S. Agency for International Development funded Transforming Teacher Education Program.

Adrienne Barnes-Story, Ph.D. and Jennie Robinette, M.Ed. (Learning Systems Institute) worked with a team of writers as part of the U.S. Agency for International Development funded National Reading Program Implementation and Expansion project in Malawi, who revised 60 units of the standard five and six literacy curriculum and prepared team trainers to hire and mentor writers for the standard seven and eight national literacy curriculum.

Ana Marty, Ph.D. (Learning Systems Institute) led The Teaching Practice Advisory Group (TPAG), continuing their work with the Rawanda Education Board as part of the Tunoze Gusoma Schools and Systems project sponsored by the U.S. Agency for International Development. The TPAG supports and guides activities to strengthen the teaching practicum of the Teacher Training College’s Early Childhood and Lower Primary Teacher Education Program.

Thayumanasamy Somasundaram, Ph.D. (Institute of Molecular Biophysics) has been elected as one of the new Executive Board members of the Association of Biomolecular Resource Facilities. ABRF promotes the science education and career advancement of scientists and administrators who work in the shared research facilities worldwide. Somasundaram’s term will take place May 2023 through April 2026.

Lisa Jackson, MSW, LCSW (Center for Academic Retention and Enhancement) was appointed to the State of Florida’s Department of Children and Families’ Independent Living Advisory Council.

Steven Pallazo, Ph.D., RN, CNE (College of Nursing) was appointed to the National League for Nursing-Nursing Edge Unscripted podcast as host for the Scholarship track for 2023.

Casey Xavier-Hall, Ph.D., MPH (College of Nursing) was accepted into the Association of Nurses in AIDS Care HIV and Aging Scholars Program.

Geneva Scott-King, DNP, FNP-C (College of Nursing) was instrumental in planning and implementing the “MLK Walk and Festival,” a celebration in Thomasville, GA. celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King and his message. This included a run/walk, health screening, entertainment and more.