Faculty and Staff Briefs: April 2019


Malia Bruker, MFA (Communication) received the Audience Favorite for Best Documentary at the Tallahassee Film Festival for her documentary “Alluvium.”

Jessica Ridgway Clayton, Ph.D. (Retail Entrepreneurship) was recognized by Sage Publishing for authoring two of the top Almetric Score-receiving articles since publication in 2016 and 2017 in the Clothing and Textiles Research Journal.

Marina Duque, Ph.D. (Political Science) received an award at the International Studies Association annual conference in Toronto from the organization’s Diplomatic Studies Section. Duque’s article, “Recognizing International Status: A Relational Approach,” received the award for best article on diplomacy published in the previous year.

Bradley Gordon, Ph.D. (Nutrition, Food and Exercise Sciences) was selected by the American Society for Nutrition for the 2019 Vernon R. Young International Award for Amino Acid Research.

Perry Howell, Ph.D. (English) has been awarded a Fulbright Lecturer award for the 2019-2020 academic year. Howell will be teaching at Yokohama National University and Tokai University in Japan.

Sally Karioth, Ph.D. (Nursing) will be honored by the Tallahassee Urban League at the Inaugural Aquilina Howell Awards Gala at the Donald L. Tucker Civic Center on May 9.

Murray Krantz, Ph.D. (Family and Child Sciences) received the Service Excellence Award by Phi Eta Sigma National Honor Society during its 64th annual induction ceremony.

Alma Littles, M.D. (Medicine) will be honored with a national award named after the first woman to graduate from medical school in the U.S. The American Medical Women’s Association will present the Elizabeth Blackwell Award to Littles on July 28. The award, established in 1949, is given annually to the woman physician who has made the most outstanding contribution to the cause of women in the field of medicine.

Charles McClure, Ph.D. (Communication and Information) was selected as the recipient of the 2019 Frederick G. Kilgour Award for Research in Library and Information Technology, sponsored by Online Computer Library Center and the Library and Information Technology Association (LITA). The Kilgour Award honors research relevant to the development of information technologies.

Joanna Southerland-Mele (Entrepreneurship) was honored as one of the Tallahassee Democrat’s 25 Women You Need to Know for her cycling and advocacy to raise awareness for Type 1 diabetes. Southerland-Mele was also a speaker at the Prescription Drug Town Hall with AARP CEO Jo Ann Jenkins where she discussed the high cost of insulin.

Maria Whyte, DHSc (Nursing) will be honored with the Capital Regional Medical Center (CRMC) Nurse of Excellence Award at a dinner hosted by CRMC on May 14 at the Goodwood Museum.


Laura Arpan, Ph.D. (Communication), Karen Oehme, J.D. (Institute for Family Violence Studies), Ann Perko, J.D. (Institute for Family Violence Studies), James Clark, Ph.D. (Social Work), and Elizabeth Ray, a doctoral student in the School of Communication, co-authored “Testing Restorative Narratives in a College Student Resilience Project,” published in the journal Innovative Higher Education. The paper reports the results of a pilot version of FSU’s Student Resilience Project.

Antonio Cuyler, Ph.D. (Art Education) authored “The Role of Foundations in Achieving Creative Justice,” published in the Grantmakers in the Arts Reader, a journal on arts and philosophy. Cuyler also was a keynote speaker at the Arts Equity Summit in Boston.

Vanessa Dennen, Ph.D. (Education) contributed to the article “Discussion Boards: Valuable? Overused? Discuss,” published by Inside Higher Ed. The article explores how effective discussion boards are for students enrolled in online courses.

Michael Giardina, Ph.D. (Education) recently published a new book “Qualitative Inquiry at a Crossroads: Political, Performative, and Methodological Reflections,” which critically reflects on the ever-changing dynamics of qualitative research in the contemporary moment.

Lyndsay Jenkins, Ph.D. (Education) authored the article “Social emotional learning (SEL) practices in schools: Effects on perceptions of bullying victimization,” published in the Journal of School Psychology. The article examines the experiences of nearly 3,000 public school students with social emotional learning.

Shawn Kantor, Ph.D. (Economics), co-authored the article “Research Proximity and Productivity: Long-Term Evidence from Agriculture,” published in the University of Chicago Press Journals’ Journal of Political Economy.

David Rasmussen, Ph.D. (Social Sciences), authored the article “The Rights/Development Nexus: Sen, Olson, and the Obesity Rights Movement,” published in the May 2019 print issue of Social Science Quarterly.

Amanda Tazaz, Ph.D., Colleen M. Ganley, Ph.D., Robert C. Schoen, Ph.D. and Mark LaVenia, Ph.D. (Learning Systems Institute) co-authored the article “The Construct Validation of the Math Anxiety Scale for Teachers,” published in the American Educational Research Association (AERA) Open Journal.

Dana Weber, Ph.D. (Modern Languages) is the editor and Margaret E. Wright-Cleveland, Ph.D. (English) is the associate editor of “Performativity – Life, Stage, Screen: Reflections on a Transdisciplinary Concept,”which expands the cross-disciplinary literature on performance and performativity using case studies.

Frank Wong, Ph.D. (Nursing) co-authored the sixth edition of the Community Psychology textbook published by the Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group.


Sally Karioth, Ph.D. (Nursing) spoke at a MED Talks event in the FSU Psychology Auditorium on April 2 in Tallahassee.

Jayur Mehta, Ph.D. (Anthropology) discussed the threat climate change poses to the world’s heritage sites at a January TEDX event, hosted at the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics. Mehta was also interviewed last month as part of the Southeast Archeological Center podcast, “15 Questions with an Archeologist.”

Michael Meth (FSU Libraries), Nancy Everhart, Ph.D. (Communication and Information) and Juliann Woods, Ph.D. (Communication and Information) presented “Supporting Neurodiversity in the Academic Library: Research, Best Practices, and Personal Experiences” during the Association of College and Research Libraries 2019 Annual Conference, April 13 in Cleveland.

Michael Meth (FSU Libraries) presented “Think & Drink: Institutional Changes, Library Changes?” during the Association of College and Research Libraries 2019 Annual Conference, April 12 in Cleveland.

Paul Marty, Ph.D. was invited to speak at the inaugural symposium for the new Media Majlis Museum in Doha, Qatar over spring break. He presented “Museum Informatics: Engaging Museum Visitors through Digital Media” at the event.

Toby Park, Ph.D. (Education) presented at the National Academy of Sciences. The talk, “Increasing Student Success in Developmental Mathematics,” explored how to support students in post-secondary level mathematics courses, particularly students who have been unsuccessful in developmental mathematics.

Carrie Pettus-Davis, Ph.D. (Social Work) co-presented “Research about Crime and Criminal Justice” at the State of Opportunity in America Summit hosted by the Center for Advancing Opportunity in Washington, D.C.

Teisha Sanders, MSW (Social Work) presented “The Transformative Power of Second Chance Hiring” at the 15th Annual Diversity & Leadership Conference. Sanders was joined by national leaders in the field and keynote speakers President Barack Obama and award-winning actress America Ferrera.

Margaret E. Wright-Cleveland, Ph.D. (Faculty Development and Advancement) chaired a panel presentation on “Professional Development in a Changing Academic Landscape” for the Southeastern American Studies Association.


Frank Fincham, Ph.D. (Family and Child Sciences) received a grant from the John Templeton Foundation to further investigate divine forgiveness. The goal is to support, catalyze and disseminate innovative ideas in the study of divine forgiveness.

Panagiotis Koutakis, Ph.D. (Nutrition, Food and Exercise Sciences) received a grant from the American Heart Association to support his research, “The Role of Calpain Proteolytic System in Regulating Skeletal Muscle Degeneration in Claudication.”

Pam MacDill, Ph.D. (Social Work) received funding from the Florida Department of Children and Families for her project “Child Welfare Re-professionalization Project – NE Region.” The primary purpose is to improve the casework skills of staff in the areas of child safety, permanency planning, family dynamics, child development, case analysis, interviewing, case planning, case management and community organization.

Carrie Pettus-Davis, Ph.D. (Social Work) received a $22,400 grant from Children of Inmates to conduct an analysis of the Children of Inmates program.

Stephen Tripodi, Ph.D. and Carrie Pettus-Davis, Ph.D. (Social Work) received a $150,000 grant from the Seminole County Sherriff’s Office to evaluate the Skills Training in Affective and Interpersonal Relationships (STAIR) intervention for adults releasing from jail in Seminole County.


Patrice Iatarola, Ph.D. (Education) will serve as president of the Association for Education Finance and Policy. The organization leads the conversation on current important education finance issues, including teacher salary, taxation and cost of education.

Lauren Kendall, DNP (Nursing) and several undergraduate students participated in the College of Medicine’s visit to the Maryland Oaks community in Tallahassee.  The nursing students played games and handed out Easter eggs stuffed with hand hygiene tips and candy.

Jenny Root, Ph.D. (Education) conducted two days of professional development. The event was titled “Everyone has something to ADD” and was attended by special education teachers in Maryland.

Valerie Shute, Ph.D. (Education) was nominated and inducted as a fellow of the International Society for Design and Development in Education (ISDDE). Shute will also be the keynote speaker at the American Psychological Association’s Technology, Mind & Society event, which takes place in Washington, D.C.

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