Faculty and Staff Briefs: December 2018


Alysia Roehrig, Ph.D. (Education), along with graduate students Makana Craig and James Hernandez, received the “Best Overall Graduate Student Posters” award at the Florida Educational Research Association’s annual meeting. The trio presented on “Culturally Responsive Classroom Management Strategies in CDF Freedom Schools.”

Myrna Hoover (Career Center) received the 2018 Southern Star Award from the Southern Association of Colleges and Employers for her significant contributions to the career services and recruiting profession.


John Lowe, Ph.D. (Nursing) and Melessa Kelley, Ph.D. (Nursing) presented “We are not just mascots” for Native American Heritage Month Recognition: Diversity and Inclusion at the University of West Florida in Pensacola, Florida.

Hans Hassell, Ph.D. (Political Science) presented his paper “Are journalists biased in the news they choose to cover? Evidence from an audit study” at the Center for Political Studies at the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor on Dec. 5.

Jessica Bahorski, Ph.D. (Nursing) presented the poster “A modified eating in the absence of hunger test is associated with appetitive traits in infants” during Obesity Week at the Obesity Society Conference in Nashville on Nov. 13.

Lucinda Graven, Ph.D. (Nursing) presented her research, “Rurality influences caregiver burden in heart failure caregivers” during a podium presentation at the 2018 American Heart Association Scientific Sessions in Chicago.

Graham McDougall, Ph.D. (Nursing) presented the poster “Memory self-efficacy and cognitive interventions” in the Cognition section of the Gerontological Society of America Conference in Boston.


Laurie Abbott, Ph.D. (Nursing) and Elizabeth Slate, Ph.D. (Statistics) co-authored the in-press article “Influencing cardiovascular health habits in the rural, deep South: Results of a cluster randomized trial” in the Health Education Research journal.

Melessa Kelley, Ph.D. (Nursing) published the article “Cultural identity positively influences stress levels among Native American youth at risk for obesity” in the Journal of Cultural Diversity.

Geraldine Martorella, Ph.D. (Nursing), Lucinda Graven, Ph.D. (Nursing) and Glenna Schluck, Ph.D. (Nursing) published the article “Nurses’ perception of a tailored web-based intervention for the self-management of pain after cardiac surgery” in the SAGE Open Nursing journal.

Laura Steacy, Ph.D. (Education) published the article “Examining the role of imageability and regularity in word reading accuracy and learning efficiency among first and second graders at risk for reading disabilities” in the Journal of Experimental Child Psychology. She also published “The role of statistical learning in word reading and spelling development: More questions than answers” in the journal Scientific Studies of Reading.

Stephanie Zuilkowski, Ph.D. (Education) published “Zambia’s school re-entry policy for adolescent mothers: Examining impacts beyond re-enrollment” in the International Journal of Educational Development. The article will appear in the January 2019 issue of the journal.


Lama Jaber, Ph.D. (Education) was awarded a National Science Foundation (NSF) Career Grant for her project “Cultivating teachers’ epistemic empathy to promote responsive teaching.”