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Tim Baghurst

Professor and Director of the Interdisciplinary Center for Athletic Coaching (FSU COACH)

Baghurst is a professor in the College of Education and director of the Interdisciplinary Center for Athletic Coaching (FSU COACH). He is an expert in coaching education, coach development, ethics in sport, and international athletes and international sports.

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Mark Bonn

Robert H. Dedman Professor of Services Management

Bonn is an expert in tourism and the economic impact that hurricanes and other disasters can have on the tourism industry.

Bonn is also an expert in the areas of tourism marketing and hospitality management. He has conducted studies for the Florida Sports Foundation, Inc. and Super Bowl XXXV.

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Patrick Merle

Associate Professor

Merle is an Associate Professor in the College of Communication & Information. He focuses on international comparisons, cultural differences, as well as international media behaviors and attitudes. Merle, a French native and former international journalist who covered Olympic sports and international news, offers particular expertise on how international media view political issues and how certain news topics get covered across cultures.

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Joshua Newman

Associate Professor of Sport Management

Newman’s research focuses on the cultural and political economies of sport and the active body.

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