Cutting-edge energy-efficient building going up at FSU

An innovative alternative technology building is being constructed on the FSU campus by the Sustainable Energy Science and Engineering Center (SESEC). Designed to achieve the highest level certification for energy efficiency, it will be the first building of its type in the southeastern United States. The new facility, dubbed OGZEB (short for “Off-Grid Zero Emissions […]

FSU honors Congressman Allen Boyd with Circle of Gold Award

In addition to being one of Florida State University’s most prominent alumni, U.S. Rep. Allen Boyd Jr. long has been an advocate for scientific research. Among numerous other research projects that Boyd has been instrumental in establishing during his tenure in Congress is the Southeast Climate Consortium, which has developed new methods to predict the […]

FSU professor speaks out about Americans’ scientific knowledge

Susan Carol Losh, an associate professor in FSU’s Department of Educational Psychology and Learning Systems, has received national media coverage for her research stating that while Americans are aware of more facts about science than 20 years ago, there is also an unsettling growth in the belief in pseudoscience like astrology, visits of space aliens […]

FSU researchers: Public favors juvenile justice system

The nation’s juvenile justice system emerged a century ago out of the belief that young offenders were less culpable and more salvageable than their adult counterparts, but today, that system is under attack by get-tough policymakers claiming wide public support that Florida State University criminologists say simply doesn’t exist. Daniel P. Mears In fact, a […]

FSU researchers to study effects of climate change in Minnesota peatlands

Second in size only to the Florida Everglades, the vast Lake Agazzi peatland of northeastern Minnesota represents one of the largest wetland areas of the continental United States. Now, a pair of Florida State University researchers will visit this largely unspoiled region to collect data that may lead to a better understanding of global warming […]

National experts to discuss future of Medicare

Some of the nation’s top experts on aging and economics will discuss issues surrounding the Medicare system at Florida State University on Feb. 22 at the FSU Alumni Center when the Pepper Institute on Aging and Public Policy and the Claude Pepper Center host the symposium “Medicare: Taking Care of Your Future?” Chris Farrell, an […]

FSU researchers determine a critical factor in workings of proteins

Scientists know that a better understanding of how proteins bond could lead to more effective treatments for genetic disorders and other life-threatening conditions. Now, a new theory from a pair of Florida State University researchers has been proven to accurately predict the association rate for proteins. Their theory is outlined in the February issue of […]

Picture this: FSU professor’s research could lead to vastly improved medical imaging

Magnetic resonance imaging, or MRI, has revolutionized health care, providing doctors with a highly accurate, non-invasive tool for diagnosing cancer, injuries and other maladies within the human body. Now, a Florida State University researcher has collaborated in a research project that could lead to ways of producing even sharper medical images. Naresh Dalal, the Dirac […]

FSU winning attention for its progressive academic honor policy

An article written by two Florida State University faculty members is shining a national spotlight on FSU’s innovative academic honor policy for students. Jennifer N. Buchanan, FSU’s associate dean of the Faculties, and Joseph Beckham, the Allan Tucker Professor of Educational Policy and Leadership in the College of Education, co-authored an article that appears in […]

Blueprint for success: FSU internship program reaps millions for city-county projects

Forget fetching coffee and making copies. Interns from Florida State University’s urban and regional planning department are responsible for bringing big money—we’re talking $5.4 million in the past four years—to benefit city-county improvement projects. FSU graduate students Brandie Miklus and Autumn Calder researched and wrote the latest successful grant application that will bring an estimated […]

FSU professor is nation’s ‘Art Educator of the Year’

Florida State University Professor Tom Anderson has been named higher education’s Art Educator of the Year by the National Art Education Association. That’s no surprise to his FSU art education department colleagues, who call the popular mentor to legions of doctoral students "a champion of the arts in all our lives." A widely published expert […]

FSU computational biophysics group takes top honor in international competition

A Florida State University research team has won first place in an international competition of scientists who use powerful biophysical and computational tools to study the structure and interactions of complex biomolecules such as proteins and DNA. The FSU team of Professor Huan-Xiang Zhou and postdoctoral researcher Sanbo Qin ranked first in the latest round […]