Important Message from Dr. Hecht

This message to all students has been approved by Dr. Amy Hecht, Vice President for Student Affairs.

Dear Students,

I am reaching out to thank you for helping keep the FSU community healthy during the pandemic. I know it’s been challenging, but I want you to know that I appreciate your continued vigilance, as do the FSU faculty, staff and your fellow students.

Don’t forget masks are required at all times while indoors on the FSU campus. The wearing of masks helps reduce the transmission of respiratory diseases and COVID-19. Please put your mask over your nose and mouth before entering any campus building. This includes those who have recovered from COVID-19. While rare, it is possible to get COVID-19 a second time.

Please continue to follow all of FSU’s COVID-19 safety policies:

  • Masks are required when around others, outside and inside all FSU buildings, even if there are few people around. Put your mask on before entering any campus building. Masks can be removed to eat or drink and then should be put back on.
  • Adhere to social distancing guidelines.  Regardless of whether you are indoors or out, keep 6 feet from others and avoid congregating in large groups.
  • Abide by the reduced capacity in elevators.  All campus elevators have a reduced capacity posted outside.
  • Even those who have recovered from COVID-19 or received the COVID-19 vaccine need to continue to wear a mask and social distance from others.  

You can learn more about our other healthy practices by reading our Return to Student Life Guide.

Again, thank you for your continued efforts to keep FSU healthy and well.


Dr. Amy Hecht
Vice President for Student Affairs