Updates to FSU Daily Wellness Check app

This message to all faculty, and staff has been approved by Jane Livingston, Associate Vice President and Chief Information Officer.

FSU recently launched a Daily Wellness Check app to encourage daily screening for COVID-19 symptoms.

Based on feedback, several recent upgrades have been made to the app to improve the experience. Supervisors now have the ability to opt-out of receiving email notifications when their employees submit a wellness check. Instead, supervisors can link to a myFSU Business Intelligence report to see their employees’ latest submissions whenever convenient. Additionally, individuals can now opt-in to receive Daily Wellness Check push notifications through the myFSU Mobile app.

FSU students and employees are strongly encouraged to complete a wellness check each day prior to reporting to campus. To date, 11,806 members of the FSU community have used the app since it launched on August 12.

The Daily Wellness Check app is available through myFSU Mobile and myFSU Portal.