ITS standardizes FSU VPN service 

This message has been approved by Jane Livingston, Associate Vice President and Chief Information Officer.

Information Technology Services (ITS) is standardizing the virtual private network (VPN) service at FSU.

During the university transition to remote operations earlier this year, ITS implemented several VPN solutions to meet the overwhelming need for remote network access for faculty and staff. Since then, the FSU Technology Architecture Committee (TAC) determined the Cisco AnyConnect VPN to be the best long-term option for FSU.

Starting September 10, Cisco AnyConnect will be the sole VPN available for FSU employees, and the Aruba VIA VPN will be turned off. Any employees using the Aruba VIA VPN service will need to move to the Cisco AnyConnect VPN by September 10 to ensure uninterrupted service.

When determining whether or not you need to use a VPN, keep in mind there are really only a few functions for which VPN access is needed: system administration or application support, softphones, accessing shared department drives, or other department resources not available on the internet.

Follow the instructions on the ITS website to install and connect to the Cisco AnyConnect VPN.