Fall 2020 Registration Reopening July 16, Schedule Adjustments

Over the past several weeks, FSU faculty, staff, and administrators have been solidifying the Fall 2020 class schedule. The goal has been to offer as many face-to-face classes as we can while prioritizing a healthy and safe learning environment. This included adjusting class schedules to relocate classes to larger spaces to accommodate social distancing and transitioning many courses to remote/online delivery.

On Thursday, July 16, the course registration system for Fall 2020 reopens. All students are encouraged to log onto MyFSU beginning July 16 to view their class schedules and adjust their enrollment as needed. You may see changes were made to your courses’ delivery, days/times, location, etc.  Fall 2020 course registration will remain open for all students until Friday, August 7, 2020 at 11:59 p.m. EDT.

See Tips for Searching Classes.

Face Coverings and Classes

Open registration is your opportunity to make decisions about what the fall semester will look like for you.  Please be aware that the University will require face coverings to be worn at all times when you are indoors and during classes. Students who have a medical issue or a disabling condition that may make wearing face coverings difficult should contact the Office of Accessibility Services at oas@fsu.edu or 850.644.9566 (VRS for D/deaf 850.270.5370).

University Housing Considerations

The deadline to cancel the Fall 2020/Spring 2021 housing contract without penalty has been extended to July 16 to allow students and families time to review the University’s academic plan information before making this decision. Visit https://housing.fsu.edu/fall-20-move-in for more information.

International Students

Additional guidance on fall course registration for international students will be released soon and specialized registration assistance will be provided.

Tips for Searching Classes

Using Class Search? Use the physical location attribute in the class search to help filter the type of class you are looking for.

Using Schedule Assistant? Search for and add a class, then click on “Sections” (the gear icon) to view the physical location for each course section.

  • Tallahassee-MAIN, Tallahassee-SW Engineering, Panama City [Flex], FL, Rep of Panama, Sarasota, etc.: The class section has some instructional component that requires in-person/face-to-face activities at the campus location listed on the class details. Plan to be in town, interacting with other classmates face-to-face and wearing your face covering.
  • Remote: The class section has been transitioned to an online version for the Fall 2020 semester and will be held virtually only. There is no distance learning fee associated with remote classes.
  • Online: The class section will be taught online and is specifically designed for online delivery. Most online classes have a distance learning fee per credit hour in addition to regular tuition and fees. This supports the additional staff and technologies required to create and teach the online class.

Do you want a scheduled meeting day/time or more flexibility in your remote/online classes?

  • For Remote or Online Classes
    • Synchronous: The class will meet at the days/times listed via Zoom or other technologies. The registration system will not allow you to enroll in synchronous classes with overlapping times.
    • Asynchronous: The class will not meet at a specific time. The instructor will use other teaching methods like recorded videos so coursework can be done at your convenience.