Summer Course Syllabi: all course materials still needed

This message to all faculty and staff has been approved by Dr. Sally McRorie, Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs.

Faculty and staff have inquired about whether modifications may be made to existing entries in Student Central.  The Provost has approved allowing modifications to existing textbook/instructional material entries for summer courses.  Now that the decision has been made to offer all summer classes either online or remotely, all instructors should take a few minutes to review their Summer course syllabus and ensure that the materials and supplies are still relevant.  For example, if you require clickers, or students to have a 3×5 index card they fill out the first day and pass forward, you probably will not need either of them this Summer.  As you update your course syllabus make sure you report any changes to your department scheduler so that the class schedule system can be updated as well.  Many times, this is where students will look at textbook and supply information.  We don’t want them to buy unnecessary materials only need to be returned at a later date.

A separate message was sent to your department textbook scheduler on April 1 with more information about reporting the changes you need to make.  If an instructor modifies the textbooks/instructional materials on the syllabus, they must match what is assigned in Student Central.  Make sure any changes to your syllabus are reported to your class scheduler so that the records in Student Central can be updated.  The notes section in Student Central may be helpful in providing information to students (e.g., that Honor Lock will be used).