Research continuity update II

This message to all faculty and staff has been approved by Dr. Gary K. Ostrander, Vice President for Research.

We will have a second All-Campus Zoom Meeting on Research Activity on Tuesday, March 31, at 1:30 pm. As we did last time, the meeting will begin with brief updates from VP Ostrander and AVPs Fulkerson and Peluso. We will then open the remainder of the meeting for Q&A. You will all be muted when you come into the meeting and you will have the opportunity to pose questions, which will be answered in real time, via the “Chat Function.” You are encouraged to only post questions that are of general interest to the group. Should you have specific questions related to issues you are encountering or anticipate encountering, please email Gary (, Laurel (, or Kerry ( as appropriate and we will get back to you as soon as possible. To join this meeting, please click here:

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) is the only federal agency that has responded to the APLU and others asking about the ability of universities to make donations of PPE to local health care responders and workers. The following is the NIH response:

Can recipients donate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and supplies acquired with NIH grant funds to local hospitals and health care facilities in support of COVID-19 efforts?

Yes, recipients may donate PPE and other lab supplies in support of efforts related to COVID-19. Recipients may re-budget grant funds to repurchase supplies at a later date, use large unobligated balances, or submit an administrative supplement request to the funding IC.

For those programs that wish to donate, we strongly encourage that they check with local agencies in advance of dropping off items to determine if there is an actual need at this time.

Research Administration Topics

On Thursday, April 2, at 11 am, a session will be offered by SRA and the FSU Research Foundation focused on research administration topics. Brief updates will be provided by Kerry Peluso, Pamela Ray (Senior Director, SRA), and Heather Cave (Director, FSURF) followed by a Q&A session. Included will be updates on the RAMP Project, Research Foundation transition to OMNI Project, eSPEAR training, and other topics related to our current working environment. To join this meeting on April 2 at 11 am, please click here: