Shipping essential purchases to non-FSU addresses

This message to all faculty and staff has been approved by Michael Williams, Associate Vice President for Finance and Administration.

COVID-19 has created challenging times. Due to uncertainties surrounding the fiscal impact of the pandemic, we recommend strong discouragement and/or delay of purchases or entering into contracts that are not absolutely essential. For those essential purchases, FSU is relaxing normal protocols regarding where orders can be shipped. If you are working remotely from home, you can get items delivered to your home address with appropriate departmental approval and documentation.

Shipping orders to non-FSU addresses requires:

  1. Justification explaining why the purchase needs to be shipped to the home address, including how the items are being used. This information must be included in the comment field of requisitions. A job aid for this information is located at Adding a Comment to a Requisition.
    • Examples of acceptable justification: Mailing supplies to recruit research participants or mailing supplies to continue research work remotely.
    • Unacceptable justification: COVID-19
  1. For SpearMart purchases, use a One-Time Ship to Address for home deliveries. A job-aid for this is located at Assigning a One-Time Ship-To Address. NOTE: You cannot use a one-time ship-to Address with a hosted or punch-out catalog order. You will need to create a non-catalog order.
  2. Departments need to track Attractive Items. Best practices are provided at
  3. Purchased equipment and unused supplies must be returned to FSU when working remotely is no longer required.
  4. Departments may have additional requirements, so check with your individual department head.

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