What to Expect from the University Counseling Center this Summer!

This message to all students has been approved by Dr. Amy Hecht, Vice President for Student Affairs.

As the Spring Semester concludes and the Summer Semester prepares to begin students are continuing to navigate the daily challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. Over the past several weeks the UCC has conducted a survey on our website asking students: “How can we Help?” The top responses indicated that students want to learn more about coping with stress, how to increase motivation during a pandemic, how to better manage their emotions, and how to engage in meditation. This has resulted in the following new offerings beginning the week of May 11, 2020:

  • Mindful Studio: The UCC will provide opportunities to join in weekly mindful activities ranging from music to eating to walking and breathing in brief 30-minute sessions.
  • Bored in the House? Managing Isolation and Increasing Self Care: This experiential one-hour presentation helps participants explore more ways to decrease boredom and cope with isolation. They are encouraged to use technology and other tools to help improve or practice self-care. This presentation even has an activity that will challenge participants to awaken their creative side.
  • Where’s MY Motivation? Motivation and Productivity: This workshop explores challenges to productivity and motivation – especially when working in a virtual environment.

Students are encouraged to take your mental health into your own hands by trying out these new outreaches and continue to make use of Welltrack (self-paced interactive online therapy), UCC Real Talks (learning to cope anxiety and depression).

Please check out our website for additional UCC resources and links to resources from our campus partners.

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