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NIH awards $1.7 million to researcher seeking answers about how cells talk to each other

Human cells, whether healthy or damaged, are able to communicate with each other by secreting small vesicles packed with a sophisticated cargo of functional proteins and RNAs. The signals coming from a healthy cell are part of what allows life to flourish. The signals being sent by damaged cells, meanwhile, are under scrutiny as a […]

College of Nursing faculty member strengthens FSU-veteran connection

A Florida State University nursing professor recently served as a guardian for a 93-year-old veteran during an Honor Flight last month. Jim Whyte, director of the Veteran’s Bachelor of Science in Nursing program and a veteran himself, made the trip to Washington, D.C., alongside retired USAF Colonel Robert Jones, a veteran of World War II, […]

College of Medicine hoods 1,000th graduate at 2016 commencement

One by one the graduates crossed the Ruby Diamond Concert Hall stage Saturday morning, under the watchful eye of Dean John Fogarty and President John Thrasher, just as they’d rehearsed it — until it was Elizabeth Coughlin’s turn. Everything stopped. She looked stunned, as in: “Wait a minute. What’s going on?” Then alumnus Joda Lynn […]

FSU researcher targets on-off switch of cardiac contraction

Calcium is most associated with bones, but it’s also a key player in the heart. When calcium binds to a certain protein in heart cells, it triggers muscle contraction. Too much calcium causes stronger heartbeats; too little calcium leads to weaker beats. Jose Pinto, a researcher in the Florida State University College of Medicine, will […]

FSU professor wins innovation prize for preterm labor invention

A Florida State University professor who invented a sleep mask that will help pregnant women stave off preterm labor has won the $50,000 Cade Museum Prize for innovation. The mask’s creator is Associate Professor of Biomedical Sciences James Olcese, who founded a company named KynderMed to promote and market this new technology. “There’s not been […]

Florida State celebrates graduate student achievements

Florida State University recognized talented and high-achieving graduate students at its annual Celebration of Graduate Student Excellence held April 13 at the FSU Alumni Center. The event, sponsored by the Congress of Graduate Students and the Office of Research, celebrated graduate students’ accomplishments in service, teaching, research, creativity and leadership, and acknowledged graduate faculty for […]

Speech-language pathology teaching professor recognized

Lisa A. Scott received Florida State University’s 2016 Distinguished Teacher Award during the annual Faculty Awards Dinner April 27. The Distinguished Teacher Award, which is the university’s top award for teaching, includes a $7,500 stipend. Nominations, initiated by students who seek to honor their most outstanding professors, are reviewed by a faculty committee, which makes […]

Family dynamics cause major stress for Latino immigrant families

Commitment to family is both a driving force and source of hardship for Latino immigrants, according to a Florida State University researcher.   Threats to familismo — deeply held cultural beliefs about the centrality of family in daily life — are often a major source of stress for immigrants and can have a negative impact […]

Med student helps pass Infectious Disease Elimination Act

Fourth-year medical student John Dudley began med school with an idea about helping patients not only as a physician but also as a health-policy advocate. He pursued both his medical degree and a master’s in public health at FSU. Now, Florida stands to reap rewards from his ambition. Dudley worked with University of Miami medical […]

Geriatrics researcher recruiting caregivers for dementia study

Antonio Terracciano, a researcher with the Florida State University College of Medicine, is recruiting participants for one of two grants related to dementia. Terracciano is seeking dementia caregivers from the Tallahassee community to measure the effectiveness of an educational program designed to improve their quality of life. With his other grant, Terracciano will test whether […]

NIH grant will aid discoveries in cell’s ‘transition zone’

The National Institutes of Health has a new mission for Associate Professor Yoichi Kato: Find out more about cilia, the hair-like structures that protrude from nearly every cell in the human body. Learn more about cilia’s mysterious “transition zone,” where yet-unidentified genes play yet-unspecified roles in causing developmental defects known as ciliopathies. Examples of ciliopathies […]

FSU partners with Orlando Police Department to study suicide prevention training

The Orlando Police Department has joined a Florida State University study to analyze the effectiveness of an online suicide prevention training for police officers. The QPR Institute created the online training specifically for law enforcement officers. It is designed to provide officers with information and skills they need to recognize the warning signs of suicide […]