FSU awards 77 Honors Medallions to fall graduates

FSU awarded 30 honors medallions to Summer 2021 graduates.
FSU awarded 30 honors medallions to Summer 2021 graduates.

Florida State University awarded honors medallions to 77 high-achieving graduates during a virtual ceremony on Thursday, Dec. 10.

The FSU Honors Program supports the efforts and talents of the university’s most intellectually curious students who have the potential, dedication and drive for creating change.

The virtual ceremony included remarks by Provost Sally McRorie; Dean of Undergraduate Studies and Assistant Provost, Joe O’Shea; Annette Schwabe, associate dean of Undergraduate Studies and director of the FSU Honors Program; and Bridgett Birmingham, Diversity and Inclusion Librarian for FSU Libraries.

“Whether you are going on to graduate school, or entering the workforce, or maybe taking time to pursue some additional internships, or other enrichment opportunities I hope you take with you the same passion, and determination, and resilience that you have demonstrated as an FSU honors student,” McRorie said.

The breakdown of the honors awardees is as follows:

55 graduates, University Honors Program
Earned at least 18 Honors points in fulfillment of the FSU honors program requirements.

18 graduates, Honors in the Major Program
Completed an honors thesis in fulfillment of the requirement for the distinction “with Honors” in their major department.

1 graduate, Dual Honors
Completed both the University Honors Program and the Honors in the Major program.

3 graduates, Outstanding Senior Scholar
Completed the University Honors Program and the Honors in the Major program and graduated Summa Cum Laude, having a GPA of 3.9 or higher.

For more information about the FSU Honors Program, visit honors.fsu.edu. To view the ceremony or program, visit https://honors.fsu.edu/fall-2020-honors-graduates.

The honors medallion recipients, along with their hometowns, academic majors and award designations, are listed by state and city below.


Yuma, AZ
Nathen Mergen, Criminology and Criminal Justice, Honors in the Major


Greenbrier, AR
Benton Jaco, Biological Science, Honors in the Major


Alamosa, CO
Natasha Couoh, Advertising, University Honors


Manchester, CT
Sheridan Meek, Statistics, University Honors


Altamonte Springs, FL
Tamara Gluck, Social Work, University Honors

Boca Raton, FL
Salma Garcia-Moreno, Environmental Science, University Honors
Lawrence Ghougasian, Accounting, University Honors

Boynton Beach, FL
Elias Larralde, History, Honors in the Major

Bradenton, FL
Logan Bell, Clinical Professions, Outstanding Senior Scholar

Cape Coral, FL
Katherine Morris, Exercise Physiology, University Honors

Coral Springs, FL
Liam Jennings, Biological Science, University Honors

Crestwood, FL
Dillon Bezehertny, Political Science, University Honors

Dade City, FL
Owen Clanahan, Biological Science, University Honors

Delray Beach, FL
Dominic Tarro, Psychology, University Honors

Eustis, FL
Darian Heers, Clinical Professions, University Honors

Fort Myers, FL
Molly Rimes, Political Science, University Honors
Madeline Sarnac, Clinical Professions, University Honors

Gainesville, FL
Julia Barrett, Sociology, University Honors

Jacksonville, FL
Madison Amaral, International Affairs, University Honors
Elizabeth Braddy, Computer Science, University Honors
Logan Franks, Pre-Clinical Professions, University Honors
Myles Jackson, Biological Science, University Honors

Land O Lakes, FL
Samantha Politano, Environmental Science & Policy, Dual Honors
Cole Sheridan, Scientific Computing, Honors in the Major

Lithia, FL
Jared Blanchard, Management Information Systems, University Honors

Longwood, FL
Nicholas Bottomley, Accounting, University Honors
Gabriella Marquez, Exercise Physiology, University Honors

Marathon, FL
Alyssa Turner, Biological Science, Honors in the Major

Melbourne, FL
Helen McSorley, Economics, University Honors
Seth Meehan, Accounting, University Honors
Bonnie Wilt, Clinical Professions, University Honors

Miami, FL
Gabriela Boudani, Psychology and Communication Studies, University Honors
Michelle Grand, Civil Engineering, Honors in the Major
David Ramos, Bachelor of Music Education, Honors in the Major
Zulay Rodriguez, Biological Science, Honors in the Major
Jordan Schwartz, English Creative Writing, Honors in the Major
Jaylene Sosa, Psychology, Honors in the Major

Mooresville, FL
Sidney Lopez, Finance and Media Communication Studies, University Honors

Naples, FL
Emma Crawford, Exercise Physiology, University Honors
Kelly Lewis, Applied and Computational Mathematics, University Honors

Navarre, FL
Jacqueline McTamney, Cell and Molecular Neuroscience, University Honors

Niceville, FL
Alexandria Tolbert, Political Science, Outstanding Senior Scholar

Ocala, FL
Catherine Sombat, Advertising, University Honors

Orange Park, FL
Maxwell Adolph, Marketing, University Honors

Orlando, FL
Kathryn Ashby, Interdisciplinary Social Science, University Honors

Panama City Beach, FL
Chad McGuire, Computer Science, University Honors

Parrish, FL
Sophia Metallo, Accounting, University Honors

Pensacola, FL
Madelyn Dimitroff, Cell Molecular Neuroscience, University Honors

Plant City, FL
Brandon Young, Middle Eastern Studies, University Honors

Ponte Vedra Beach, FL
Sophia Draughon, Biochemistry, Honors in the Major
Julia Worman, Political Science, University Honors

Port Charlotte, FL
Brittany King, Psychology, Outstanding Senior Scholar

Ruskin, FL
Gaberiel Clements, Political Science, Honors in the Major

Sarasota, FL
Fallon Katz, Exercise Physiology, University Honors
Arek Kauthen, Biochemistry, University Honors
Nicole Uthuppan, Clinical Professions, University Honors

St. Cloud, FL
Logan Macmillan, English, University Honors

Sunrise, FL
Regan Williams, Biological Science, University Honors

Tallahassee, FL
Abigail Baker, Environmental Science, University Honors
Caitlyn Colvin, Information Technology, University Honors
Samantha Crawford, Literature, Media and Culture, Honors in the Major
Cassie Crumpacker, Criminology, University Honors
Colin McDuffie, Risk Management/Insurance, University Honors
Brian Ranner, Interdisciplinary Medical Sciences (IMS), University Honors
Taylor Reynolds, Anthropology, University Honors

Valparaiso, FL
McKenzie Bentley, Interdisciplinary Humanities, Honors in the Major

West Palm Beach, FL
Megan Primavera, Computer Science, University Honors


Marietta, GA
Nicole Vignone, Family and Child Sciences, University Honors


Mundelein, IL
Sheridan McGuire, Editing, Writing, and Media, Honors in the Major

Naperville, IL
Evan Young, Finance, University Honors


Sterling Heights, MI
Sarah Creech, Political Science, University Honors


Clark, NJ
Alexander Wilson, Biological Science, University Honors


Buffalo, NY
Brianna Bucello, Psychology, Honors in the Major
Victoria Krentz, Psychology, University Honors


Charleston, SC
Hunter Johnson, International Affairs, Concentration in Geography, Honors in the Major
Summerville, SC
Cathleen Hample, Management Information Systems, University Honors


Arlington, VA
Amy Forza, Law Enforcement Intelligence, Honors in the Major