Faculty and Staff Briefs: July 2022

Florida State University’s faculty and staff are central to its mission and the key to its countless accomplishments.

Throughout the year, honors and recognitions are awarded to individuals across campus. Our Faculty and Staff Briefs are produced monthly to recognize accomplishments and provide a space where honors, awards, bylines, presentations, grants, service and any other notable items can be showcased.



Sonia Hazard, Ph.D. and Laura McTighe, Ph.D. (Department of Religion) were selected for the 2022-2024 cohort of the Young Scholars in American Religion program at the Center for the Study of Religion and American Culture.

Patricia Homan, Ph.D. and Amy M. Burdette, Ph.D. (Department of Sociology) had their article “When Religion Hurts: Structural Sexism and Health in Religious Congregations” selected as the 2022 Distinguished Article Award Honorable Mention in the Sociology of Religion Section by the American Sociological Association.

Ellen Nimmons, M.S. (School of Communication Science and Disorders) and graduate student Kathy Perez were awarded 2nd place in the poster competition at the 2022 Florida Association of Speech-Language Pathologists & Audiologists Convention.

Yolanda Rankin, Ph.D. (School of Information) was elected as an at-large member of the Association for Computing Machinery’s Special Interest Group Computer Science Education Executive Board.

John Kelsay, Ph.D. (Department of Religion) was selected as the 2023 Distinguished Scholar for the International Ethics Section of the International Studies Association.


Lingjiong Zhu, Ph.D. (Department of Mathematics) received a grant from the National Science Foundation for his project “The Heavy-Tailed Methods in Machine Learning.”

Sarah Lester, Ph.D. (Department of Geography) in collaboration with the National Sea Grant Law Center at the University of Mississippi received a grant from the Builders Initiative to work on a special marina aquaculture policy database project. FSU graduate student Bess Ruff, M.S. will serve as the project’s postdoctoral researcher.

Shannon Hall-Mills, Ph.D. (School of Communication Science and Disorders) and collaborators Roxanne Hughes Ph.D. (Center for Integrating Research and Learning), Theo Siegrist, Ph.D. (College of Engineering), Dr. Adam Baptiste, M.D. (College of Medicine), Eric Clark, B.S.N. (National High Magnetic Field Laboratory) and former FSU faculty member Issy Masduki, Ph.D., received an Accelerator Award through the Collaborative Collision program to further research toward a better understanding of diversity in STEM.

Ravinder Nagpal, Ph.D. (Department of Nutrition and Integrative Physiology) received a collaborative research grant from the Probiotics Research Laboratory to research maternal dietary patterns on the development of neonatal gut and neurocognitive health. Nagpal also received a $177,000 research grant from the Almond Board of California to look at the effects of almonds on gut health in individuals who are either overweight or obese.

Qinchun Rao, Ph.D. (Department of Nutrition and Integrative Physiology) received a $750,000 grant from the United States Department of Agriculture National Institute of Food and Agriculture to expand the capacity of food and nutrition science to train students in the field, particularly students from underrepresented populations. The grant is in partnership with Florida A&M University and Virginia State University.


Melissa Radey, Ph.D., Dina Wilke, Ph.D. and Karen Randolph, Ph.D. (College of Social Work) co-published “Timing and Predictors of Frontline Worker Departures from Child Welfare: A Survival Analysis” in the National Library of Medicine journal.

Carrie Pettus, Ph.D., Tanya Renn, Ph.D., Stephen Tripodi, Ph.D. (College of Social Work) and Sarah Tamburri, M.S. (The Institute for Justice Research and Development) co-published a study-protocol paper for the “Multisite Randomized Controlled Trial of Comprehensive Trauma Informed Reentry Services for Moderate to High Risk Youth Releasing from State Prisons” in Contemporary Clinical Trials Volume 117.

John Mathias, Ph.D. (College of Social Work) published “The Limits of Bodies: Gatherings and the Problem of Collective Presence” in the journal American Anthropologist.

Eric Coleman, Ph.D. (Department of Political Science) co-authored “Restoration Prioritization Must Be Informed by Marginalized People” in the journal Nature.

Mark Souva, Ph.D. (Department of Political Science) co-authored “Democracy, External Threat and Military Spending” in the journal Research & Politics with graduate student Matthew Smith and former student Matthew Hauenstein, Ph.D.

Nancy Gerber, Ph.D. (Department of Art Education) was selected to co-edit a special issue of the International Review of Qualitative Research “Innovations in Arts-Based Research: ABR Provocations From the 16th International Congress of Qualitative Research.”

Tanya Peres, Ph.D. (Department of Anthropology) published “Subsistence and Food Production Economies in Seventeenth-Century Spanish Florida” in the International Journal of Historical Archaeology.

Jessi Halligan, Ph.D. (Department of Anthropology) published “Submerged Inland Landscapes of the Aucilla Basin, Northwest Florida, USA: Populating the Late Pleistocene and Early Holocene Landscape” in the journal World Archaeology.

Martin Munro, Ph.D. (Department of Modern Languages and Linguistics) published “Listening to the Caribbean Sounds of Slavery, Revolt and Race” and co-edited the collective volume “Jean-Claude Charles: A Reader’s Guide.”

Amy Ai, Ph.D. (College of Social Work) published “Well-being following Hurricane Michael: Complex Pathways Involving Substance Use and Character Strengths” in the journal Applied Research in Quality of Life.

Elcin Haskollar, Ph.D. and Tanu Kohli, Ph.D. (Center for Global Engagement) co-authored “Do Demographics Matter? The Relationship Between Student Characteristics and Intercultural Competence” in the Journal of Intercultural Communication Research.

Willy Bolander, Ph.D. (College of Business) and former doctoral students Cinthia Satornino, Ph.D. and Alexis Allen, Ph.D. co-authored “Understanding the Performance Effects of ‘Dark’ Salesperson Traits: Machiavellianism, Narcissism and Psychopathy” in the Journal of Marketing.

Olga Seliazniova, Ph.D. (Department of Modern Languages and Linguistics) published “Enchanting Wanderers, Inspiring Vagrants: Vagrancy in Nikolai Leskov’s The Enchanted Wanderer and Other Works” in Forum for Modern Language Studies.

Adrienne Barnes-Story, Ph.D. (Learning Systems Institute) published “Translanguaging for Multiliteracy Development: Pedagogical Approaches for Classroom Practitioners” in the International Journal of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism.

Tenley Bick, Ph.D. (Department of Art History) published “Where There’s Everything: Pistoletto, the Gruppo d’Arte ‘I’Arlecchino,’ and Localist Internationalism in Presenze” in the journal Word & Image, “Spontaneous Funghi: Musica Elettronica Viva and Lo Zoo in Turin, 1968. An Interview with Alvin Currant” in the journal Portable Gray and “Kounellis, Migration, and Graffiti: Notes on Arte Povera in Miami” in the New Art Examiner.

Zhe He, Ph.D. (College of Communication and Information), in collaboration with Shayok Chakraborty, Ph.D. (Department of Computer Science), Shenghao Zhang, Ph.D. (Department of Psychology), Mia Lustria, Ph.D. (School of Information), Neil Charness, Ph.D. (Department of Psychology), Walter Boot, Ph.D. (Department of Psychology) and doctoral candidates Shubo Tian (Department of Statistics) and Ankita Singh (Department of Computer Science), co-published “A Machine-Learning Based Approach for Predicting Older Adults’ Adherence to Technology-Based Cognitive Training” in the journal Information Processing & Management.


Savarra Howry, M.S.W. and Shamra Boel-Studt, Ph.D. (College of Social Work) co-presented “The Impacts of Familial and Youth Risk and Resiliency Factors on Youth Functioning During Residential Treatment” at the Association of Children’s Residential and Community Services (ACRC) annual conference in Kentucky.

Shamra Boel-Studt, Ph.D. (College of Social Work) co-presented “Evidence-based Practice: Approaches, Implementation and Limitations” at the ACRC’s annual conference in Kentucky.

Shamra Boel-Studt, Ph.D. (College of Social Work) and doctoral students Savarra Tadeo, Ph.D. and Taylor Dowdy-Hazlett, M.S.W. co-presented “Predicting Length of Stay in Residential Care and the Impact on Youth Outcomes” at the Society for Social Work and Research annual conference in Washington, D.C.

Mark Zeigler, M.S. (School of Communication) gave two invited lectures at the North American Securities Administrators Association Symposium in Maryland and gave the opening Keynote Address at the 2022 College Life Coaching Institute hosted by FSU’s Division of  Undergraduate Studies.

Anel Brandl, Ph.D. (Department of Modern Languages and Linguistics) and graduate student Saul Moreno, Ph.D. co-presented “Understanding Linguistic Insecurity in the Heritage Language Classroom” at the Fourth International Conference on Heritage/Community Languages.

Carolina Gonzalez, Ph.D. (Department of Modern Languages and Linguistics) presented “Teaching Linguistics with Conlanging: Language Birth, Language Death” at the International Constructed Languages Conference in Italy.

Deb Osborn, Ph.D. (College of Education) presented “Wild Advice from the Wild Frontier: Social Media Gives Career Advice” at the National Career Development Global Conference.

J.R. Harding, Ph.D. (College of Business) led a diversity, equity and inclusion training session at the Delta Airlines headquarters on the handling of disability mobility equipment as part of his new role as chairman of the Delta Airlines Disability Advisory Board Committee.

Carley Peace, Ph.D. and Robert Reardon, Ph.D. (The Career Center) co-presented the roundtable session “A RIASEC View of Employment Data from the U.S. Census (1960-2020)” at the National Career Development Association Conference.

Cosmo Whyte, M.F.A. (Department of Art) and FSU alumna Abigail Lucien both have pieces on display in the OffiSight exhibition at the James Fuentes Gallery in New York City.

Maurice Johnson, Ph.D. (College of Communication and Information) participated in the Solutions Journalism Educators Academy at the University of Oregon.

Christine Koontz, Ph.D. and Margaret Zimmerman, Ph.D. (School of Information) presented at the IFLA WLIC conference in Dublin, Ireland. Koontz’s presentation was titled “Going Green, Green Greener with True Marketing and Strategic Planning: A Practical Approach with Illustrative Examples,” and Zimmerman’s presentation was titled “Health Information as a Human Right: Developments Over the Past Year.”

Stephen McDowell, Ph.D. (College of Communication and Information) presented at the BIANKA international webinar to promote graduate programs to prospective international students.

Ebe Randeree, Ph.D. (College of Communication and Information) presented “Building STEM Pipelines Through Summer Camps” at the 56th Annual Florida Association for Career and Technical Education Conference and Trade Show in Ponte Vedra, Florida.

Hugh Catts, Ph.D. and doctoral students Rebecca Summy and Catherine Timm Fulkerson (College of Communication and Information) presented “Evaluating the Importance of Letter Naming and Letter Sound Fluency in Predicting Kindergarten Reading: A Dominance Analysis” and “The Relationship Between L1 Phonological Awareness and L2 Word Reading: A Meta-Analysis” at the Society for the Scientific Study of Reading (SSSR) Conference in California.

Shannon Hall-Mills, Ph.D. (College of Communication and Information) presented “The Effect of a Text Structure Intervention on the Informational Text Comprehension of Fifth Graders with Language Disorders” at the SSSR Conference.

Carla Wood, Ph.D. and doctoral students Kiana Hines and Keisey Fumero (College of Communication and Information) presented “Go, Going Goed: The Relation Between Verb Tense Errors and Reading Comprehension Skills in Fifth Grade English Learner Students” at the SSSR Conference.

Kelly Farquharson, Ph.D. and doctoral students Anne Reed and Rebecca Summy (College of Communication and Information) presented “The Effects of Practice-Based Coaching on the Implementation of Shared Book Reading Strategies for Paraeducators and Speech-Language Pathology Assistants Working with Children with Language Delays” at the SSSR Conference.

Jonathan Jerez and graduate assistants Bobbi Villarreal and Jacob Stamm (The Career Center) presented the roundtable session “Thinking Outside the Books: An Updated Look at Career Texts and Courses.”

Jonathan Jerez and Bobbi Villarreal (The Career Center) co-presented “Writing Effective Personal Statements: Improving Practice with Rubrics.”

Carley Peace, M.A. (The Career Center) presented the roundtable session “Predicting Negative Career Thoughts in College Students Using the Self-Directed Search: An Original Study.”

Tenley Bick, Ph.D. (Department of Art History) presented “Theatre as Catapult: Staging Revolutionary Worlds in the Work of Pistoletto and Lo Zoo” at the American Association for Italian Studies Conference in Italy.

Jeff Broome, Ph.D. (Department of Art Education) presented at the International Conference on the Arts in Society and the International Conference on Narrative.

Guillermo Farfan, Ph.D. (College of Education) and his research group presented “Computer Adapted Training in Symphony Math (CATS): A Cluster- Randomized Trial” at the Research Training Institute on Cluster-Randomized Trials hosted by Northwestern University.

Fred Abbott, J.D. (College of Law) attended the 80th Biennial Conference of the International Law Association in Portugal. In his capacity as co-chair of The Global Health Law Committee, Abbott co-chaired the Committee Open Session and chaired a panel on “Global Health Law in a Deteriorating Environment.”

Antje Muntendam, Ph.D. (Department of Modern Languages and Linguistics) co-presented “Code-Switching at the Interfaces” for the workshop Current Approaches to Morphosyntax at the Interfaces at the University of Oviedo.

Deb Osborn, Ph.D. (Department of Education Psychology and Learning Systems) and graduate assistant Jacob Stamm (The Career Center) presented the roundtable session “Relationships Between Verbal/Physical Abuse and Intention to Resign in High School Sports Officials” at the National Career Development Association (NCDA) Global Conference.

Casey Dozier, Ph.D., Deb Osborn, Ph.D., Jim Sampson, Ph.D. (Department of Education Psychology and Learning Systems) and senior research associate Janet Lenz, Ph.D. (The Career Center) presented “Applying CIP Career Theory to Enhance Career Development Outcomes and Design Effective Program Interventions” at the NCDA Global Conference.

Casey Dozier, Ph.D. (Department of Education Psychology and Learning Systems), Tristen Hyatt, Ph.D. (College of Education) and graduate assistants Qualandria Brookens and Carley Peace presented “Career Counseling in Today’s Global World: Intersectionality of Career Counseling, Social Justice and Advocacy” at the NCDA Global Conference.


Dalisha D. Herring, Ph.D. (College of Business) serves on the board of directors for Pace Center for Girls, Leon, and was recently elected to serve as the board’s vice chair.

Carrie Meyers (Learning Systems Institute) helped facilitate a PreK-2 math assessment writing workshop for experts and practitioners from across Florida.

Tanya Peres, Ph.D. (Department of Anthropology) is participating in the NSF-funded study “Safe and Inclusive Field Schools,” conducted by faculty and staff from Southern Illinois University’s Edwardsville STEM Center, the Arkansas Archeological Survey and Mississippi State University.

Ebe Randeree, Ph.D. (College of Communication and Information) along with faculty members Faye Jones, Ph.D., Lucas Von Hollen, M.S. and Christy Chatmon, Ph.D. (School of Information) led the FSU iCamp, an annual five-week program that introduces high school students to careers in tech.

Shereada Harrell (The Career Center) was named president-elect of the Southern Association of Colleges and Employers. In this role, she will oversee and be directly involved in the Association Strategic Planning Committee and By-Laws management.


Tanya Peres, Ph.D. (Department of Anthropology) virtually attended the American Anthropological Association’s 2022 Department Leaders Summer Institute.

Willy Bolander, Ph.D. (College of Business) was appointed as one of four senior editors at the Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management.

Samantha Paustian-Underdahl, Ph.D. (College of Business) was appointed to serve as an associate editor for the Journal of Management.

Irvin Manuel Gonzalez, Ph. D. (College of Fine Arts) premiered the ballet “Nepantla” with Primera Generación Dance Collective in Los Angeles, of which he is a co-founder. The work speaks to the theme of living in the in-between, exploring the lived experience of Mexican Americans.

Avery Henry, Ph.D. (School of Communication and Information) brought the FSU Debate Team to Paris, France, to compete in the Transatlantic Dialogues for Future Leaders tournament.

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