Experts: Language Learning

Matt Cooper Borkenhagen

Assistant Professor, School of Teacher Education

Cooper Borkenhagen’s research focus is learning mechanisms that underlie reading development and how aspects of the language environment, including print, can serve to accelerate development.

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Phil Hiver

Assistant Professor of Foreign and Second Language Education

Hiver is an expert on second and foreign language acquisition and language pedagogy. His research explores how classroom instruction links to learners’ investment, expenditure of effort, participation and engagement with languages.

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Beth Phillips

Professor of Educational Psychology, Associate Director Florida Center for Reading Research

Phillips’ research interests include early language and literacy development, preschool curriculum and instruction, professional development of early childhood educators and parental influences on learning.

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Carla Wood

Professor, Director, School of Communication Sciences and Disorders

Wood’s research interests include bilingual language and literacy, early intervention for English language learners, family and child outcomes of early hearing detection and intervention, efficacy of augmentative and alternative communication strategies with young children and bilingual assessment. Wood’s aim is to improve language and literacy outcomes for children from diverse backgrounds, including children with differing abilities and children from diverse socioeconomic, cultural and linguistic backgrounds.

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