In-person proctoring for Honorlock exams

This message to all faculty and instructional staff has been approved by Robert Fuselier, Director of the Office of Distance Learning.

When alternative assessment is not a viable option in a remote or online course, instructors may choose to use Honorlock for online proctoring. If you use Honorlock, please keep in mind that some students may lack access to the required computer equipment, high-speed internet, or private testing space. Some may experience special circumstances that increase concerns about privacy. The Honorlock Security and Privacy FAQ addresses some of these concerns, and instructors can allow students to test in a public space, if desired. On-campus testing is another option instructors can consider for students in these situations.

The FSU Testing Center can accommodate a small population of students who require in-person proctoring services. To request on-campus testing for a student or group of students, instructors should complete the In-person Proctoring for Honorlock Exceptions form.

Please note:

  • Because seating and staffing are limited during the COVID-19 pandemic, we are unable to accommodate entire classes of students. Please reserve requests to individual or small groups of students who need special consideration due to the circumstances described above. Services are offered on a first-come basis, and we are unable to guarantee support for every Honorlock exception within the timeframe requested.
  • In order for us to administer your exam to select students, we may need to help you create separate versions of your exam: one for students testing in the main campus Testing Center, one for remote students testing in an off-campus testing facility, and one for students testing via Honorlock. When submitting your request, be sure to include alternate contact information for your course, if applicable (eg, TA contact information).
  • We have updated our operating procedures in accordance with all guidelines for a healthy campus environment as detailed in the FSU Fall 2020 Plan. Students with questions about testing in the Testing Center can be directed to our student site:
  • If any of your students require further accommodation and are registered with the Office of Accessibility Services, please see our Testing Accommodations support article for instructions.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at