Building Services shares best practices for on-campus cleaning

This message to all faculty and staff has been approved by Dr. Sally McRorie, Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs.

Building Services is committed to enhancing, providing, and maintaining clean, safe, and sanitary conditions for all academic, administrative, and support buildings. Your assistance in helping us maintain these facilities, classrooms, and workspaces is critical in keeping a safe and clean work environment.

During this pandemic and in accordance with CDC recommendations and guidelines, our services may be limited at times, providing assistance to only our customers and buildings where there is activity. We will establish priorities within the institution and set specific standards, either detailed or generalized, for maximum flexibility for those essential personnel and their work areas. To improve communication, we are placing notices on those areas that have been cleaned and sanitized. Once it is determined that an area has been deemed essential, our staff will continue to provide enhanced cleaning on a regular basis.

Practices to follow while in your work facility or workspace:

  • Always try to enter from the main entrance of a building to reduce the number of entrances that are used and must be maintained.
  • When possible, try to leave the same way in which you came in.
  • Try to use elevators and not stairwells to reduce the number of cleanable surfaces that are used.
  • Remember to reduce the number of door handles, light switches, handrails, and other flat and solid surfaces that you may touch when walking into a building.
  • If you have access to sanitized wipes, try to use them to clean door handles, light switches, keyboard, and other items in and around your workspace.
  • After cleaning and disinfection, properly dispose of any wipes or cleaning supplies and wash hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.
  • Maintain social distancing by staying at least 6 feet (2 meters) from other people.

General cleaning protocols that are followed:

  • All cleaning on campus will follow CDC standards utilizing EPA registered cleaning agents.
  • Disinfecting main entrance doorways, handles, handrails, light fixture switches, etc.
  • Sweeping and mopping of floors/vacuuming carpeted areas.
  • Thorough restroom cleaning.
    • Restocking of paper goods.
    • Restocking of soap dispensers.
  • Emptying trash receptacles in common areas and/or restrooms.
  • Wiping common area tables/chairs, etc.
  • Office areas, only if permitted access by office manager/occupant.
  • Laboratory areas will not be serviced unless permitted in writing by the laboratory manager/officer.
  • In areas where services are not requested, please place trash receptacles on the outside of office/laboratory door for pickup.
  • Any sensitive, laboratory, or unique facility equipment that is not part of the normal cleaning protocol will require manufacturer cleaning specifications and will be the responsibility of the department to provide guidance.

Special requests can be made by contacting either:

  • Service Center: 850-644-2424
  • Building Services: 850-644-4000

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