ODL launches Guide to Remote Teaching page

This message to all faculty and staff has been approved by Robert Fuselier, Director of the Office of Distance Learning.

To help instructors deliver the first few terms of summer at a distance, the Office of Distance Learning (ODL) website features a Guide to Remote Teaching page. The page provides strategies and resources to help you apply principles of quality online instruction in your remote teaching.

  • Start with a course template.
  • Organize your course for student success.
  • Design effective Canvas quizzes.
  • Engage your learners with online activities.
  • Provide course materials in a variety of formats.
  • Stay present with your students.

Visit our Guide to Remote Teaching at odl.fsu.edu/remote

Online Workshops

In addition to our remote teaching resources, we’re offering daily online workshops that correspond to each of the strategies mentioned above, as well as a “big picture” session that covers all six. Other training sessions will help you make the most of assignments and rubrics, manage media in your course site, promote participation with web conferencing tools, and use our online proctoring service.

How to Register

To register for one or more of our online workshops, visit our Training & Workshops page to select the session that best meets your needs. For more customized sessions, check out our one-on-one online consultations where we can help you with questions you may have about remote instruction.

Please know that ODL is continuing to provide support to the FSU community during this time. You can contact us at 850-644-4635 or submit a ticket for technical support.

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