Research continuity update lll

This message to all faculty and staff has been approved by Dr. Gary K. Ostrander, Vice President for Research.

The Office of Research will have a third All-Campus Zoom Meeting on Research Activity on Tuesday, April 7, at 1:30 pm. As we did last time, the meeting will begin with brief updates from VP Ostrander and AVPs Fulkerson and Peluso. We will then open the remainder of the meeting for Q&A. You will all be muted when you come into the meeting and you will have the opportunity to pose questions, which will be answered in real time, via the “Chat Function.” You are encouraged to only post questions that are of general interest to the group. To join this meeting, please click here: Join Zoom Meeting.

On Thursday, April 9, at 11 am, there will be a similar call focused on research administration topics. Kerry Peluso (OVPR), Pamela Ray (SRA), and Heather Cave (Research Foundation) will be providing updates. Information on RAMP will be provided and a Q&A session will be held. To join this meeting, please click here: Join Zoom Meeting.

The Office of Research Development will be hosting a virtual Collaborative Collision event this Friday, April 10, from 3 pm to 5 pm, focused on the COVID-19 pandemic. This online event will focus on connecting researchers working in similar topic areas, as well as connecting state and local organizations to the unique skills and expertise of Florida State University’s research community. In addition to the FSU research community, selected state and local community organizations will be invited to participate in this online networking event. The deadline to sign up is this Thursday at 10 am, though we encourage you to register as soon as possible at Collaborative Collision Registration.

The Office of Research has created a portal for researchers to access funding opportunities related to COVID-19, as well as other COVID-19 research-related information. This site will be updated as new information becomes available. You can access the site by clicking OVPR Portal to access funding opportunities.

Should you have specific questions related to issues you are encountering or anticipate encountering, please email Gary (, Laurel (, or Kerry ( as appropriate and we will get back to you as soon as possible.