Reaffirming Florida State University’s Values

This message to all students, faculty and staff has been approved by President Richard McCullough, Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs Jim Clark, and Vice President for Student Affairs Amy Hecht.

As the President and executive leaders at Florida State University, we would like to take this opportunity to again reaffirm the values of this university and our administration.

Florida State University is a place that strives to be inclusive and ensure that all students belong. While individuals are entitled to personal beliefs — even ones that we may find despicable — there is no place on this campus for racism, anti-Semitism, or discrimination of any kind. We condemn beliefs or actions that are antithetical to these values.

As President McCullough noted in a message to the campus community last fall, we know we have more work to do to make sure that every student, faculty, and staff member feels safe and valued. We ask that we each do our part to promote civility and respect.

Florida State University is a leader in civil discourse, a place where we can all participate in conversations with respect and civility.  We are living in difficult times. It is often said that Florida State is a family. We hope this family can be the source of our resilience and that you will draw strength from this university.

Let’s work together to live our shared values to build an even stronger campus community.

Richard McCullough
President, Florida State University

Jim Clark
Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs

Amy Hecht
Vice President for Student Affairs

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