FSU announces Phase I for resuming research

This message to all faculty and staff has been approved by Dr. Gary K. Ostrander, Vice President for Research.

As the state of Florida begins to slowly reopen, Florida State University is taking steps to incrementally expand on-campus research operations at this time. Our goal is to follow federal, state and local guidance to maintain health and safety while allowing for limited research activity.

Beginning May 6th, the university will allow increased – yet still restricted – access to research facilities. Labs may have no more than 25 percent of their normal occupancy and must be arranged to allow for 6 feet between workers and less than one person per 100 square feet to allow for social distancing. Masks should be worn when in any campus building. Additionally, all meetings must continue to take place virtually. Before leaving their spaces, all employees should clean surface areas according to protocols provided by FSU Facilities.  The CDC has posted guidelines that you may find useful at Cleaning and Disinfecting Your Facility.

Center directors and department chairs, with approval from their respective deans, will be responsible for implementing this guidance. Please visit Phase 1 Plans for Research Expansion at FSU for more information on guidance relating to these procedures.

Additionally, Vice President Ostrander will host the 8th Research Continuity all-campus Zoom meeting at 1:30 Tuesday, May 12 where he will provide updates and take questions related to Phase 1 of this process.  To join this meeting, please click here:  Join Zoom Meeting.

Should you have specific questions related to issues you are encountering or anticipate encountering, please email Gary (gary@fsu.edu ), Laurel (lfulkerson@fsu.edu ) or Kerry (kpeluso@fsu.edu) as appropriate and we will get back to you as soon as possible.