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FSU med students study cross-cultural medicine in Immokalee, Panama, U.S.-Mexico border

Florida State University medical students will work with the medical school’s faculty to provide care for underserved populations and learn about cross-cultural medicine March 4-11 in Immokalee, Fla., the Republic of Panama and along the U.S.-Mexico border. In addition to providing health services to communities with limited access to health care, these spring break medical […]

Children don’t motivate substance abusing moms to seek treatment

There may be a variety of reasons why a mother who abuses drugs or alcohol chooses to get treatment, but she may not do it for the sake of her children, according to surprising new results of a Florida State University study. FSU professors Dina Wilke and Akihito Kamata and Ohio State University’s Scottye Cash […]

FSU introduces new tool to help community reduce impaired driving

FSU’s Division of Student Affairs recently introduced Tallahassee to SIDNE (Simulated Impaired Driving Experience), the newest tool to help reduce impaired driving by students as well as drivers throughout the greater community. FSU recently became the first university in Florida to purchase the battery-powered remote-controlled vehicle that resembles a go-cart and simulates the experience of […]

New research from Magnet Lab, Scripps Florida gives scientists powerful tool for drug discovery

Researchers at Florida State University’s National High Magnetic Field Laboratory and Scripps Florida have developed and evaluated a robust new system for analyzing how drugs bind to proteins. This groundbreaking work could speed the delivery of potential new drugs and improve existing ones. The work, which appears this week in the journal Analytical Chemistry, is […]

Magnet Lab’s record of excellence helps sway National Science Board

The National Science Board has decided it will accept a renewal proposal from the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory rather than open a national competition for the honor of operating the nation’s magnet lab. This decision means the magnet lab will remain in Tallahassee for at least the next five years. "The decision to renew […]

FSU law professor wins professionalism award

As director of the externship program and member of the clinical faculty at Florida State University College of Law, Larry Krieger has spent the past 15 years providing his students with the skills to be successful and professional attorneys. Yet it is what he has helped his students remove from their lives that led The […]

FSU biologist says new dinosaur is oldest cousin of Tyrannosaurus Rex

Tyrannosaurus rex, meet your newest—oldest—cousin. Florida State University paleobiologist Gregory M. Erickson sliced up some ancient dinosaur bones uncovered in China to help an international team of scientists identify a new genus and species. Despite striking skeletal differences and only subtle similarities, the FSU researcher determined that the two remarkably intact specimens were cousins of […]

It’s in the genes: Study opens door to new treatment of the blues

A Florida State University scientist used a gene transfer technique to block the expression of a gene associated with clinical depression in a new study of mice that could lead to better treatment of human beings with this condition. Carlos Bolaños, an assistant professor of psychology and neuroscience, was among a team of researchers that […]

FSU physicist helps put Einstein’s most famous equation to the test

Possibly the best-known equation in all of science is Albert Einstein’s famous "E=mc2," which expresses that mass and energy are really different forms of the same thing. If the century-old equation were even slightly incorrect, the repercussions for modern physics would be enormous. There’s no need to worry, though. Florida State University physicist Edmund G. […]

Landmark FSU study of hepatitis C virus solves mystery that has stymied quest for cure

The hepatitis C virus (HCV) infects more than 170 million people worldwide and leads to both acute and chronic liver diseases. Since its discovery several decades ago, the insidious human pathogen has stymied the quest for anti-viral therapies by refusing to reproduce in test tubes for more than a few hours or days, denying scientists […]

Investing in information technology pays off for hospitals, new FSU study shows

A comprehensive Florida State University study of information technology use in acute care hospitals is the first to reveal an overall financial benefit associated with hospital investments in IT. EThe study appearing in the January-February issue of the Journal of Healthcare Management shows that hospitals improve their bottom line, and could help control spiraling health-care […]

Depression may be lifelong parent trap

Parenthood is wonderful, joyful, rewarding and … depressing. A study by Florida State University professor Robin Simon and Vanderbilt University’s Ranae Evenson found that parents have significantly higher levels of depression than adults who do not have children. Even more surprising, the symptoms of depression do not go away when the kids grow up and […]