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FSU’s Institute for Sports Sciences and Medicines Outreach Program

Florida State University’s Institute for Sports Sciences and Medicine isn’t just for research and the super athlete. The ISSM now offers services to the community and athletes of all ages and ranges to help provide testing, training, and even rehabilitation. Check out more about the ISSM and the testing and service they’re now offering here […]

FSU professor creates program for long-lasting caregiver support

Florida State University College of Medicine professor and ACTS 2 Project Coordinator, Rob Glueckauf, and ACTS 2 Project Project Coordinator Tomeka Norton-Brown are helping to ensure long-term support for those who give help to others. Learn more about the ACTS 2 Project here

FSU English Professor wins prized fellowship

Florida State University English professor Megan Kennedy was selected by the National Endowment for the Humanities to continue her work and research for her second book. Her focus, the history of microscopes during 19th century British Literature, is a unique one no doubt, but a wonderful reminder as to the interesting origins of now everyday […]

Top Stories 2016: FSU Gap Year Initiative

FSU Headlines first story of 2016 provided insight into the new GAP Year initiative and scholarship opportunities at Florida State University. After President Obama’s daughter, Malia, announced she’d be endeavoring on a GAP year before starting college, the topic became a trending subject across the country and Florida States VP for Academic Affairs, Joe Oshea, […]

2016 Fall Commencement

FSU President John Thrasher presides over two commencement ceremonies as the university awards degrees to over 2,500 graduating students. The graduates heard from commencement speakers, Joseph Schlenoff, FSU Chemistry professor and world-renowned pioneer in the creation of thin films through polymer science, and Bob Sasser, CEO of Dollar Tree, Inc. and FSU alumnus.