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FSU researchers use gene editing to tackle facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy

A team of Florida State University researchers has found that using sophisticated gene-editing techniques, they can essentially turn off or remove part of the genetic code that leads to the disease — a move that opens the door for potential therapies to reverse or stop progression of the disease. The work is published in Scientific […]

FSU art professor to replicate Notre Dame Cathedral truss

Florida State University Department of Art professor Rob Duarte will help lead a national project with Handshouse Studio to build a large-scale wooden model of the oldest trusses in the roof structure above the Notre Dame Cathedral’s choir. This initial effort is part of a multi-phase project that will include Duarte teaching a class in […]

Opening Nights at FSU is back

Opening Nights at Florida State will be presenting 29 live performances this fall, bringing a full season of world-class talent back to campus. The 2021-2022 season features a blend of highly anticipated artists who represent an array of genres, including music, dance, theatre, comedy, spoken word, and visual arts. visit for more.

IJRD is part of Big Bets

Institute for Justice Research and Development. IJRD is a research center housed in the College of Social Work at Florida State University whose goal is for fewer people to enter the criminal justice system, and to help those who do re-enter our communities with the tools they need to succeed. Their mission is to advance […]

Research team finds Arctic was dinosaur nursery

Long-standing images of dinosaurs as cold-blooded creatures needing tropical temperatures could be a relic of the past. University of Alaska Fairbanks and Florida State University paleontologists have found that nearly all types of dinosaurs — from small bird-like forms to the giant tyrannosaurus — not only reproduced in the region, but also remained there year-round. […]

FSU launches Big Bets

Florida State University has launched a new initiative designed to amplify centers and institutes that are doing high-profile, public-impact research and connect them with donors interested in pursuing big questions. The initiative, Big Bets, is being led by interim Vice President for Research Laurel Fulkerson.

‘Cryptic coral species’ respond differently to coral bleaching

Certain brightly colored coral species dotting the seafloor may appear indistinguishable to many divers and snorkelers, but Florida State University researchers have found that these genetically diverse marine invertebrates vary in their response to ocean warming, a finding that has implications for the long-term health of coral reefs. The researchers used molecular genetics to differentiate […]

Sustainability Fellow

The Sustainability Fellows program provides an opportunity for students of any discipline to participate in furthering sustainability efforts on the FSU campus and in the Tallahassee community. Sustainability Fellows can be selected from any major or field of study.