Student Star: Luke Meunier

Student bridges art and service at Florida State

Name: Luke Meunier
Major: Bachelor of Arts
Graduation: Spring 2024
Hometown: Orlando, Fla.
College: College of Fine Arts

“The mentorship, community and friendships this university has given me is more than I would’ve ever dreamt to ask. ”

Fast Facts

  1. Best days: Football game days
  2. Favorite food on campus: Seminole Cafe
  3. Best campus resource: Innovation Hub can help you create anything you want with a 3D printer
  4. Favorite study spot: Museum of Fine Arts

Luke Meunier had a passion for art that had him considering schools far from home. But he couldn’t shake the idea of experiencing college life in Florida with football games, Greek life and all the buzz of a major university.

So he took a leap of faith and decided that blending his love for art with social involvement at Florida State University was a goal he had to fulfill.

“My time at Florida State University so far has delivered on this priority tenfold,” he said.

After attending a large high school, Meunier had an appreciation for a sense of community. And that’s exactly what he found when he landed at FSU.

“The mentorship, community and friendships this university has given me is more than I would’ve ever dreamt to ask,” he said.

One of his main reasons for choosing FSU was the master’s in art therapy program.

Meunier’s interest in art therapy was kindled during high school when he worked with the Best Buddies program and took a student to an art class. Seeing the transformative power of art therapy left an impression on Meunier.

“My future goals are to create a safe space where I can not only teach art but also use it as an outlet to support others and promote well-being within my community,” he said.

Meunier says his academic journey at FSU has been marked by artistic collaboration and personal growth. He seized the opportunity to participate in the Honors in the Major program, which opened doors to unique experiences.

Inspired by his lifelong passion for the U.S. armed forces, Meunier decided to tackle with his art the subject of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) within the military and its effects on individuals and communities.

This academic challenge pushed him both artistically and mentally as he sought to represent the voices of veterans. His dedication earned him an IDEA Grant, which allowed him to conduct more interviews with veterans and shed light on their experiences.

Luke Meunier decided to tackle the subject of post-traumatic stress disorder with his art. This is one of his illustrations. (Courtesy Luke Meunier)
Luke Meunier decided to tackle the subject of post-traumatic stress disorder with his art. This is one of his illustrations. (Courtesy Luke Meunier)

“Conducting interviews with veterans in my community has given me the opportunity to further explore this area of interest as well as give an expressive voice to a community I have had great respect for and interest in for so long,” he said.

Meunier’s involvement at FSU doesn’t stop at academics.

As a recipient of the Bright Futures Scholarship, Meunier says he realizes the importance of excelling as a leader and student.

His commitment to service extends to various student organizations, including the FSU Skeet and Trap Club, where he said he learned the value of teamwork. He also serves as an executive member of the team, managing and planning trips to tournaments across the country. He and his pledge class played a pivotal role in reviving the Delta Lambda chapter of Beta Theta Pi fraternity.

He says involvement in the Student Foundation and Garnet and Gold Key, a leadership honorary, has deepened his love for service and connecting students with alumni to strengthen the FSU community.

One of Meunier’s most significant roles on campus has been serving as a student senator for the College of Fine Arts in the Student Government Association.

“Being able to represent my community to the rest of campus has been an experience I will not forget, and it has given me so many opportunities for the future,” he said.

He also hopes to collaborate with the Veterans Student Union to create a supportive space for veterans at FSU.

Meunier’s commitment to service isn’t limited to campus. With his fraternity, he participates in activities like Line Dance, raising funds for organizations such as the Unconquered Scholars Program and the Collegiate Veterans Association. He also volunteers at the Tallahassee Big Event to help local public schools.

“Helping the community that has given so much to me has been a wonderful opportunity,” he said.

Meunier’s future plans include pursuing a master’s degree in art therapy to further support veterans with PTSD and continuing his mission of using art to heal and inspire change.

He said he hopes his story is a testament to the transformative potential of higher education when coupled with a commitment to making a difference.

“I feel a great deal of gratitude for all that I have been able to experience thus far,” Meunier said. “I feel compelled to tirelessly work to better and support the place that has proven to be the best decision I could have ever made.”

How has involvement in Honors in the Major Program helped you?

Getting involved with the Honors in the Major Program has been one of the best experiences in my collegiate career. Having the opportunity to work with the extremely talented professors in the College of Fine Arts, has pushed me to narrow my artistic focus and inspire greater intentionality within my work. It also allowed me to receive an IDEA Grant to better fund my research and create the best work possible.

You developed an interest in the armed forces. Where did that interest come from and how is it reflected in your art?

I come from a military family. My father served 20 years in the Air Force, and it captivated my interest at an early age. Growing up, I would doodle new designs for tanks and fighter jets over my homework. As my artistic pursuits matured, I felt increasingly drawn to the militaristic aesthetic. In middle school, I discovered toy photography, and with a collection of G.I. Joes and action figures, I began to create my own battle scenes and frames of epic combat. This motif slowly grew into the complex scenes I enjoy creating today, bringing to light topics such as PTSD and the veteran mental health crisis.

Why did you decide to get involved in Student Government? What positions have you held?

I decided to get involved in Student Government to give back to a place that has given me so many opportunities and experiences. Being a student in the College of Fine Arts, I wanted to serve as a voice for my peers in the arts. The Delta Lambda chapter of Beta Theta Pi has also provided great motivation to get further involved with Student Government. I have enjoyed being a blazer with Forward FSU and further representing my college as a student senator. I am the sitting chair of the Student Life committee after previously serving as vice chair. These experiences have been beyond valuable to my collegiate career, and I highly recommend similar involvements to anyone looking to grow their relationship with the FSU community.

How do you hope your college journey inspires other students?

I hope to show that no matter your major, no matter where you are at in your collegiate career you can make a difference on campus and in the lives of students you serve.

Any advice for incoming students?

Find what you love and do everything you can to support that dream.