Student Star: Vincent Frasca

Campus leader finds purpose while studying in London

Name: Vincent Frasca
Major: Biological Science
Graduation: Fall 2013

“I feel if more people were exposed to different cultures, they'd have a better understanding of what the world is like, and there wouldn't be so much conflict.”

College is the time to find yourself, be it within the textbooks you read or the experiences you encounter. Vincent Frasca discovered his purpose after he transferred to Florida State University his sophomore year.

When he entered the university, Frasca was considering a career in medicine, pursuing a biological science major with minors in chemistry and psychology. However, Frasca’s experiences at FSU have enabled him to find a new calling — marketing.

“Medicine is just not something I want to dedicate my life to, though I do well in my coursework,” Frasca said. “Ideally I would love to tie the two together, and work marketing for a biological company.”

Upon entering FSU, Frasca sought to participate in one of the International Programs’ study abroad experiences.

“My mother was born in Cuba and my grandfather in Italy, so I have always had a passion and appreciation for other cultures,” Frasca said. “I really wanted to attend a university that placed emphasis on exploring and embracing other cultures.”

Looking to feed his passion for studying other people and cultures, Frasca went on to attend FSU London’s psychology program for six weeks in summer 2011. Not only did the land of Harry Potter bring clearer personal vision to Frasca’s life, but also it allowed him to break free from his comfort zone. Immersed in the diversity of a new country, Frasca was able to learn to better appreciate other cultures and customs.

“Being abroad I learned that people are the same all around the world,” Frasca said. “Generally, we all want to be happy, we all want our children to be more successful than us and we all want to have a great life. I feel if more people were exposed to different cultures, they’d have a better understanding of what the world is like, and there wouldn’t be so much conflict.”

After graduation, Frasca hopes to obtain the FSU London program assistant position for spring 2014, and return to the city that forever changed him.

“Vincent’s experience across the pond sparked a passion in him,” said Meghan Greene, director of recruitment for International Programs. “His energy and excitement surrounding his international experience is contagious.”

Frasca received a student recruiter position with International Programs upon returning from London. In this role, he conducts presentations on campus and during new student orientations in an effort to motivate others to pursue a study abroad experience.

“Vincent’s demonstrated professionalism and leadership skills made him stand out as a role model for other members of the recruiter team,” said Sarah Shields, graduate assistant and adviser for the Global Pathways Certificate. “His hilarious sense of humor and lightheartedness kept the group motivated, even during the longest of days.”

Frasca has honed in on his public speaking and marketing skills in this role, as he evokes enthusiasm for international experiences in students and parents alike. Though reliving his time abroad with each presentation causes him to long to return, witnessing other students pursue their own ventures makes his job worth it.

“In our increasingly global society, the value of living and studying abroad is immeasurable,” Greene said. “Vincent fully recognizes the impact of that experience on his future and he regularly encourages other students to realize their own potential for an international experience.”

In fall 2012, Frasca pursued the role of Freshman Interest Group leader. Teaching a pre-med themed course to 30 students, Frasca advises freshman to keep an open mind to their choices of major and career path.

“Vincent’s excitement about research and his sense of the value of his own education played a significant role in helping his students stay focused and make a smooth transition to college life,” said Alice Wright, FIG adviser and director of retention at FSU. “The work Vincent has already done for this program provides an impressive illustration of his strengths in teaching and mentoring and his commitment to helping others.”

Sharing personal stories, teaching good study habits and imparting wisdom of living in Tallahassee, Frasca strives to make an impact of the lives of his students. Frasca will continue this role in fall 2013, but will gear his group topic toward exploratory biology.

“After teaching this past fall, I have garnered a new sense of respect and appreciation for all of the work and effort that is required of teachers, most of which goes unseen,” Frasca said. “It is a thoroughly enriching experience that I am excited to continue.”

Among his roles in campus leadership, Frasca has served as student support chair for Camp Kesem, a nonprofit organization that provides a week of camp at no cost to children whose parents have been affected by cancer. Taking place at the end of summer, kids ages seven to 15 are given the opportunity to escape the woes of cancer, if only for a moment.

“At times organizing the camp is a bit hectic, but all of the work put in was worth it,” Frasca said. “Some of the kids have lost their parents very recently, really, but they’re still smiling and enjoying their time at camp. They’re so strong. It’s a very rewarding experience for me.”

Frasca will work at Camp Kesem at the end of summer 2013 as a cabin counselor.

After graduating in fall 2013, Frasca plans to move abroad to pursue a graduate degree in marketing. He hopes to earn a job in promoting international study or travel that would allow him to see the world.

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