Florida State announces plan to continue rise in national rankings

Eric J. Barron, president of Florida State University.
President Eric J. Barron

Florida State University is well positioned to continue its rise to preeminence in independent national rankings with the development of a comprehensive plan to move into the Top 25 of public universities in the nation.

Florida State is currently listed 42nd among public universities by U.S. News & World Report, while also being recognized at the top of their list in efficiency among all highly ranked universities.

“I have no doubt Florida State can reach the Top 25 within a fairly short period of time if our investments are strategic. We have momentum, our plan is realistic, and with our current rankings in both quality and efficiency, it is clear we know how to invest a dollar,” said Florida State President Eric J. Barron. “We intend to be a national model for affordable and accessible excellence – this is a plan that delivers for the state of Florida.”

The plan for continuing Florida State’s rise into the Top 25 of public universities calls for targeted investments in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) courses and programs and a comprehensive focus on entrepreneurial educational initiatives. These initiatives are intended to position the university as a preeminent national leader in student career readiness and job placement.

Representing 300,000 alumni, the Florida State University Alumni Association has unanimously endorsed Florida State’s plan to reach the Top 25 and has urged “the state’s elected leaders to provide financial resources needed to attain this worthy objective.”

“The Florida State Alumni Association commissioned a scientific survey of its graduates that revealed the value of their Florida State degree as their highest priority,” said Scott F. Atwell, president of the Alumni Association. “There are few better ways of enhancing the value of Florida State degrees already earned as well as those yet to be awarded than to increase the national ranking of the university.”

Gov. Rick Scott recently invited the university to submit a plan to reach the Top 25. The plan closely follows the objectives of the “preeminence bill” passed last year by the Florida Legislature, and fulfills key objectives of the governor’s Blue Ribbon Task Force on Higher Education Reform. It is directly responsive to the strategic and planning objectives set for Florida State University by the State University System Board of Governors.

Costs associated with implementing this comprehensive plan amount to increases of approximately $15 million in state support a year over the next five years.