Food, fun and the FSU fight song: Traditions BBQ brings together new students

President John Thrasher poses for photos with students at the FSU Traditions BBQ.
President John Thrasher poses for photos with students at the FSU Traditions BBQ.

The FSU Traditions BBQ, a new event, hosted by the Student Alumni Association (SAA), got students fired up for the fall semester by celebrating the university’s historic traditions as a part of Seminole Sensation Week.

President John Thrasher addressed the upcoming freshman class, reflecting on his time in college and passing on words of wisdom.

“This is an exciting time in your life,” Thrasher said. “College is a time to learn new things, discover hidden passions and explore career opportunities. It’s also about having fun, meeting new people and making memories that will last a lifetime.”

Allen Durham, the director of the Osceola and Renegade Program spoke to the group about the importance of tradition and how FSU’s football rituals hold deep-rooted and sacred values that connect us to the Seminole tribe.


More than 100 incoming freshman attended the free event held at the FSU Alumni Association to eat and learn about the culture and heritage of their school.

“FSU has been my dream school my whole life,” said freshman nursing student Simone Rousseau. “I can’t wait for game days and meeting new people.”

The FSU cheerleaders led the incoming freshmen in the FSU Warchant and fight song, the a cappella group All Night Yahtzee performed, the National Pan-Hellenic Council put on a step show and everyone had a chance to mingle to discuss the upcoming school year.

“I look forward to thriving in a new place,” said Erin Grant, a freshman exploratory major. “I can’t wait to get involved in organizations on campus.”

The SAA motto is “students today, alumni tomorrow, Seminoles forever,” and the purpose of the event was to unify every ‘Nole, young and old.

“The Traditions BBQ was a great way to meet new people outside of my dorm and make new friends before the semester starts,” said SAA member Victoria Neault, a freshman special education major and SAA member. “Plus, you can get some great food and have some fun, too.”