FSU to unveil Florida’s new high-tech, high-speed wind tunnel

The FSU-headquartered Florida Center for Advanced Aero-Propulsion (FCAAP) will host a formal commissioning of the state’s brand new polytonic wind tunnel on Monday, Nov. 18, in Tallahassee.

The one-of-a-kind wind tunnel is unique among research university environments, combining test speeds that can reach Mach 5, with high-tech monitoring equipment and scientific expertise in order to help solve major design challenges being faced by aerospace industry experts.

“The commissioning of this polytonic wind tunnel marks a major milestone in Florida’s aerospace research capabilities,” said Farrukh Alvi, director of FCAAP. “Current high-speed wind tunnel testing takes place in very large facilities that are expensive to run and rely on aging technology. Our wind tunnel is of optimal size, costs significantly less to operate and utilizes unique technology that can provide our industry partners with the information they need to solve problems and propel the aerospace industry forward.”

The commissioning is 9 a.m. Monday, Nov. 18, at the Florida Center for Advanced Aero-Propulsion, 2003 Levy Ave.

Established in 2008 by the Florida Legislature, FCAAP’s central feature is the partnership between Florida State University, the University of Florida, the University of Central Florida and Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. Through the partnership, each university contributes its particular aerospace and aviation expertise to the larger research effort, creating a one-stop-shop for aerospace stakeholders — industry and government agencies, looking for solutions to technical or scientific problems. Equally important, the shared expertise approach pulls double-duty by creating interdisciplinary learning environments that churn out highly trained scientists and engineers.

To learn more about the new polytonic wind tunnel, visit the Florida Center for Advanced Aero-Propulsion.