FSU accounting faculty members earn prominent spots in international rankings

College of Business Dean Michael Hartline.
College of Business Dean Michael Hartline.

Faculty members from the accounting department at Florida State University’s College of Business stand among the world’s best in the latest Brigham Young University Accounting Research Rankings. 

In the overall rankings, FSU’s accounting faculty placed No. 1 in Florida and in the top 20 globally in five research areas, while seven of its faculty members placed in the global Top 100 in their respective research areas. 

BYU compiles the rankings through tracking 12 top accounting journals. 

Michael Hartline, dean of the College of Business, said the rankings enhance FSU’s growing academic profile, which includes a Top 20 ranking among all public universities in U.S. News & World Report’s annual rankings. 

“These recent rankings reaffirm the reputation of our faculty members as world-renowned researchers, scholars and experts in their fields,” Hartline said. “We’re proud of our accounting faculty for the work they do for our students and university, for industry and society, and for helping to advance our college’s journey to preeminence.”

FSU accounting research areas of note include: audit archival research, which placed No. 4 worldwide; accounting education research, which placed No. 5 among national public universities and No. 8 worldwide; accounting information systems, which placed No. 11 among national public universities and No. 17 worldwide; and financial archival research, which ranked No. 17 among national public universities.

Allen Blay, the EY Professor and accounting department chair, expressed excitement about his department’s work to help the university continue its momentum.

“These rankings help promote the growing reputation of Florida State University on an international level,” Blay said. “We are competing against universities with much larger faculties and doctoral programs, yet we continue to climb the research rankings in all categories.” 

Blay pointed out that BYU doesn’t include all the top journals for its rankings and thereby omits some highly productive faculty members.

Yet he added: “These rankings improve our ability to recruit top students and faculty as we continue to build a reputation among our students as a dedicated faculty who care about their learning and success.”

The ranked accounting research areas are:

All Archival Research: #12 Public, #20 Worldwide

Audit Archival Research: #4 Public, #4 Worldwide

Financial Archival Research: #17 Public, #32 Worldwide 

Tax Archival Research: #17 Public, #20 Worldwide

Accounting Information Systems Experimental: #11 Public, #17 Worldwide

Accounting Education Research: #5 Public, #8 Worldwide

The ranked accounting faculty are (rankings are worldwide):

Associate Professor Nate Newton, #9 Audit Archival, #11 Audit, #25 Archival 

Associate Professor Gregory Gerard, #18 Accounting Information Systems Experimental 

William Hillison Associate Professor Zahn Bozanic, #37 Financial Archival, #33 Financial, #85 All Archival 

Assistant Professor Ally Zimmerman, #55 Audit Archival 

EY Professor Allen Blay, #59 Audit Experimental 

Associate Professor Landon Mauler, #64 Archival Tax  

Associate Professor Spencer Pierce, #99 Financial Archival

For more information, visit BYU’s accounting research rankings site.