FSU College of Music presents guest artist residency series

Photo caption: "Sing for Hope" founders Camille Zamora and Monica Yunus. Photo courtesy of Fay Fox. 
"Sing for Hope" founders Camille Zamora and Monica Yunus. Photo courtesy of Fay Fox. 

Florida State University’s College of Music is presenting a guest artist residency series featuring masterclasses and performances by artists and scholars from genres across the musical map.

The Housewright Virtuoso Series kicks off the season at 7:30 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 7, with “Sing for Hope,” a nonprofit organization and soprano group described as an “arts peace corps,” featuring founders Monica Yunus and Camille Zamora. The performance will take place at Opperman Music Hall.

“We are proud to continue to bring world-class artists to the Tallahassee community through the Housewright Virtuoso Series,” said Todd Queen, dean of the College of Music. “‘Sing for Hope’ is an example of the high-quality programming that you have come to expect from our college, and we are excited to host these extraordinary artists.”

The series will continue into 2022. During residency, each artist will provide expertise and insight through masterclasses and lectures to FSU students as well as performance critiques.

“Our Housewright guests will be here to show that the melding of performance careers with entrepreneurship activities is an attainable goal after college,” said Valerie M. Trujillo, coordinator of voice and opera at the FSU College of Music.

Since 1986, funds from the Housewright Chair have enabled the college to attract artists and scholars who embody the highest ideals of teaching, creative activity and leadership.

While most of these guest artists perform during their visit, the greater value of the residency lies within the uniquely collaborative and educational opportunities that are built into each residency.

The group will present excerpts from vocal masterworks including compositions by Ravel, Rachmaninoff, Mozart, Britten, Weill, Larsen and others during the live performance.

“We are so honored and thrilled to be the Housewright Eminent Scholars in residence at Florida State University,” Zamora said.

Through the efforts of the “Sing for Hope” organization, Yunus and Zamora have brought to fruition initiatives including “Pianos in Public Spaces” and “From the Bronx to Beirut,” efforts aimed at removing barriers and promoting the mission of art for all.

“We’ve been talking a lot about the arts and what they mean in our society, given the last 18 months that we’ve had together as a global community,” Zamora said. “The things that keep coming to mind are the incredible application of the arts and how much artists are needed. We are so looking forward to diving into those things — things like arts and community, arts and entrepreneurship, arts and wellness. Having those discussions is something that we are really looking forward to.”

For more information about the Housewright Virtuoso Series or to purchase tickets, visit tickets.music.fsu.edu.