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Technology in Education

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Elizabeth Jakubowski

Associate Professor in School of Teacher Education

Jakubowski is interested in both general teacher education and development and the infusion of technology into mathematics teaching and learning, and ways to ensure mathematics equity. She taught mathematics and computer science for four years at the middle grades level and has also taught in summer programs for high school students. Her research interests include teacher education learning and development, policy issues in teacher education, and equity.

(850) 644-8428
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Allan Jeong

Associate Professor

Jeong is an associate professor in the College of Education’s Instructional Systems & Learning Technologies program in the Department of Educational Psychology & Learning Systems. He is an expert on online discourse, computer supported collaborative argumentation and learning analytics.

(850) 644-8784
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Fengfeng Ke

Professor of Educational Psychology & Learning Systems

Ke’s research focuses on digital game-based learning, inclusive design of computer supported collaborative learning, mixed-reality integrated immersive learning and adaptive e-learning.

(850) 644-8794
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Dina Vyortkina

Director of the Office of Information and Instructional Technologies

Vyortkina directs the College of Education’s Office of Information and Instructional Technologies (OIIT), where she encourages faculty and students to use e-learning strategies and technologies to enhance learning, teaching, assessment and research. As part of the International Association for K-12 Online Learning (iNACOL) task force, she is involved in developing competencies for educators working in blended and online learning and teaching environments.

(850) 644-9623
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